Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing in 2016

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

It Doesn’t Have to be Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing; They Can Work Together

If you’re like other marketers in the B2B space, you have been putting a focus on your social media,inbound vs. outbound SEO and content creation aimed at generating more productive inbound marketing action. There seems to have evolved a bit of an inbound vs. outbound marketing climate that pits one against the other. However, they can work in tandem, one helping the other.

In a recent Demand Metric report, B2B decision makers share how they feel about how their target audience responds to different marketing channels. According to the top decision makers, television commercials are skipped by about 86 percent of viewers and 44 percent ignore direct mail. Also, 78 percent of CMOs think content marketing is extremely important and organizations using content marketing find that it is around 62 percent less costly than traditional marketing methods.

Outbound Focus

These stats highlight the importance of content marketing and its value as a part of your marketing strategy. Telemarketing has been and continues to be a driver for successful content marketing campaigns, especially in the B2B space where people with buying authority welcome cold calls from telemarketers.
Telemarketing doesn’t carry the same cache with consumers as it does with business owners and decision makers within that business. The reason B2B telemarketing works is because it puts these people in touch with products and services they need to know about. These are products and services that can help them beat their competitors, and they trust the telemarketer to communicate that value to them.

Inbound Value

Your inbound approach really shouldn’t stray far from the approach you take with your outbound content marketing. Instead of thinking of it as an inbound vs. outbound marketing strategy, think of it in a more synergistic way. A process-oriented and strategic approach works best, as does the proactive approach, the two can work together to give you the best return on investment.

Telemarketers can learn a great deal about their prospective buyers by searching their online profiles with sites like LinkedIn. Likewise, your company profile is also out there, whether it’s your company website or your LinkedIn page. You’ve also got inbound efforts like email nurturing, SEO and content creation that helps drive more inbound marketing efforts. There is an actual symbiotic relationship occurring between inbound and outbound.

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