Getting More Value From Your Outbound Marketing

Using Telemarketing as a Part of Your Outbound Marketing Efforts

Content marketing involves a number of steps that must be carried out effectively for you to see aoutbound marketing good return on investment. It begins with building quality content that promotes your brand. A component that many marketers miss is in the distribution of the content. If the goal of outbound marketing is to promote content, the right channels must be used.

Outbound and inbound marketing can work in tandem to a positive end result. For instance, content related to your social media pages could entice prospective clients to your gated content that sits behind a sign-up form. This, effectively, is inbound marketing, but it can assist the outbound efforts as well. Once they’ve filled out the form, they’ve consented to being contacted by telemarketers who are excellent communicators and know how to drive a conversation direction that is valuable for you.

Decision makers within organizations rely on the information they gather from telemarketers to reach their goals. It’s a professional relationship that can be nurtured through telemarketing better than it can through any other channel.

Outbound marketing often utilizes advertising, whether it’s through print publications, radio or television. Online advertising is also a popular method of reaching out to prospective clients. These channels can be valuable to your marketing strategy as can outbound efforts that include email, direct mail and social media. However, more leads are engaged and nurtured more thoroughly through a more proactive channel like telemarketing.

The reason telemarketing is so effective is because it utilizes the human touch, which no other channel can offer as explicitly as telemarketing. Agents are well-trained and well-versed in the industry for which they are serving, which means a conversation can flow naturally. Furthermore, decision makers are able to offer opinions about products and services that lead to a better understanding of where the organization needs to go if it wants to be more successful.

This type of interaction just doesn’t occur in some marketing channels, like direct mail or advertising. There is no give and take, which limits the success of those efforts.

The best telemarketing groups know that segmenting the audience matters. When segmented, the content can be built in a more exacting fashion. Making adjustments throughout an outbound campaign is also something that has to be considered. Goals will change as the campaign evolves, and your telemarketing professionals should be flexible in their approach and offer you plenty of insights into your campaign.

Blue Valley Telemarketing offers solid outbound marketing techniques that have given our clients an excellent return on their investment, time and again. Our call recording and call monitoring technology, paired with our reporting capabilities, makes sure our clients are fully aware of how their campaign is being delivered. When it comes to outbound marketing, let us step in and take control.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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