The Value of Outsourced Inbound Contact Center Services for the Insurance Industry

A contact center services partner can help with qualifying leads, returning them "hot" and ready for a sales call.


The insurance industry is complex. Customers know less about the specific products you offer, and much more about the customer experience they receive when they contact your company.

At the heart of the best customer experiences is an agent that can put your customer at ease. When looking for a way to protect their home, health, business or automobile, they are looking for an agent that is selling security and peace of mind.

The Challenge: On your end, you know that customers want that assurance, but you’re so busy, you are scrambling to simply answer the phone. How can you possibly communicate reliability if it is becoming difficult to communicate at all?

How Inbound Contact Center Services can Help: You know you have a great set of options for your customers, and you know you bring quality that truly offers security. Here are three reasons why outsourcing your inbound contact center services might be all you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience:

Your Leads Come Back Warmer: Your leads come in from a variety of channels, from print to social media, radio commercials to email newsletters. And they want to contact you in a variety of ways, from email to chat and voice calls to text. You need a multichannel inbound contact center that can handle all of the variety in your leads.

You also need those leads to come back ready for your sales team. That means they’re coming in warm, primed for purchase. Your sales team simply needs to close the deal. An inbound contact center services provider will be skilled in taking a minor interest in your product all the way to them being ready to convert.

Avoid missing out on inquiries that go unanswered in real time. A contact center can reach out to these people to find out why they contacted you and address the inquiry, then hot transfer them to the appropriate representative that can address their need. What begins as an inbound inquiry can be addressed by the right contact center as an outbound call that is transferred to your company as a hot lead.

Open Enrollment is a Snap: There are specific times of year when insurance companies’ phone lines are flooded with requests, questions and confirmations. You need an inbound contact center services partner ready to allow automatic scaling to match demand. That scalability makes it easy for your company to expand when volume is high and go right back to your in-house team when your busy season has ended.

Services are Tailored to Your Needs: No matter what kind of support you need, outsourcing your inbound contact center services allows you to handle high call volumes with ease. Outsourcing can accommodate your needs from homeowners to life and health insurance, property or casualty insurance. And a range of calls can be handled, from membership hotlines to reception services and claim support, and accident reporting and policy questions.

The customer experience is what sets insurance companies apart in an industry that is complex and confusing at times for customers. Contact us at Blue Valley Marketing to learn more about our entirely U.S.-based, inbound contact center services.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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