Do You Want to See an Increase in Actionable Leads?

A solid lead generation strategy requires integration between marketing and sales teams.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Sales representatives know that in order to keep their portfolios growing and the business progressing, they need to invest time in outbound sales. But many sales teams see a gap between their success and the lead generation results from marketing teams.

Take a look at some stats that sum up common frustrations around lead generation from sales teams like yours:

  • They’re stumbling through sales calls, with 42% reporting that they don’t have enough information when they make the first call.
  • Their efforts feel hollow, and 52% call their attempts “ineffective.”
  • There’s a disconnect: while reps feel ineffective, decision-makers are ready to listen. Of surveyed executives, 75% said they were interested in attending an event or scheduling a meeting following a cold call or email.
  • Even marketers know that sales teams are not optimally equipped for executing conversions, with only 16% saying that outbound practices offer quality leads for sales teams.

It’s clear that there’s a difference between the efforts that marketing teams are trying to put in and the lead generation results that sales teams receive. The shift in recent years to digital methods means that marketing messages are getting lost in a lot of online “noise.”

In addition, there needs to be a better understanding between marketing and sales when it comes to defining a lead. Is a lead a name on a list, or is it someone who’s viewed your content and engaged in your social media profiles? Maybe your sales team sees a lead as someone who’s ready to make an appointment and is actively pursuing a decision around a purchase.

What’s the Solution?

Cut through the noise with telemarketing when you implement an integrated solution that combines the strategies of your marketing team with valuable input from your sales team. When projects are carefully designed with comprehensive input from your growth-focused teams, you’ll see an increase in actionable leads.

What’s more, telemarketing begins that critical trust-building relationship from the first call. From determining what types of content are most valuable to your lead to finding out who decision-makers are and what their timeline and budget is, a good telemarketing agent provides valuable insights to your marketing and sales teams. They can assess pain points and client goals to assist in developing a message that results in opened emails and returned calls to your sales team.

Lead generation efforts require a focus on the pre-sales process and expertise in early relationship-building. Turning this nurturing process over to a skilled provider allows your sales team to focus on closing deals and your marketing team to focus on branding and content marketing.

For more information about building an integrated strategy for lead generation, contact us at Blue Valley Marketing. We design custom programs to fit your specific goals and industry.


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