political services


Political campaigns for the upcoming election are in full swing, imminent deadlines and the need for spontaneous collaboration take priority in your busy day. Fortunately, we are here to help you streamline your call center efforts and reach more contacts in less time.

Blue Valley Marketing is acutely aware of the escalating technological, demographic, regulatory and social challenges faced by live call center programs. Some have given up. We have not. We adapt and design programs to deal with the demands of micro targeting and decreased land line usage.

Unlike other call center firms, we have multi-year veterans of Democratic, Republican and independent political campaigns from the Presidential, congressional and local levels on board who know the concerns of candidates, consultants, polling organizations, public policy groups and others involved in the public issues sphere.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we offer full-service call center capabilities for your Voter ID, Robo-call, Town Hall Meetings and of course, Live Operator interactions. All configurations are possible to help you meet the unique needs of your specific campaign. We will function as a direct extension of your in-house team, offering you access to our diverse and skilled political agent base with our call center services.

If you’ve worked with other telemarketing firms in the past, you know that keeping several firms at your disposal ensures a more successful campaign. We will work with you to effectively create a blended strategy that will optimize precision timing, serving as your partner in the decision-making process. With our quick turnaround time, on-time delivery and robust reporting, you will quickly see the value in your Blue Valley Marketing investment.

Take advantage of our live agent support today to expand your voter contact center efforts. And don’t forget to ask your Blue Valley Marketing political team leader how we can develop a customized program for you. We’re standing by to help you today.