Generating targeted leads and unlocking opportunities for your brand.

Marketers strive to capture the interest of prospective clients, positioning them to enter the sales pipeline through a process called lead generation. There are a number of methods and channels lead generation companies to use to stimulate interest in potential clients. There are so many, in fact, that there is a lot of noise to contend with within today’s market. You can cut through the noise with telemarketing.

Blue Valley Marketing not only generates preliminary B2B leads for clients in the U.S.; we also set up lead nurturing processes to secure our clients’ return on investment. We don’t believe lead generation should be the sole responsibility of your marketing department; we believe that listening to your salespeople and understanding what they consider a qualified lead is crucial to your success. We promote integrating your salespeople’s desires, with your marketing department’s lead generation efforts. Carefully designed projects funded by the executive branch, and supported by both the sales and marketing departments are key in developing the best most actionable leads that the sales team will be excited to sell as well.

A “lead” is a prospect that is qualified and has purchasing authority. Whether you are developing a B2B lead generation strategy for Chicago, Los Angeles, or any other targeted area, the goal is the same.

Although this lead may not have an identified need or budget at this time, since they are properly profiled and qualified, they are worth the expense of additional sales effort.

Blue Valley has been qualifying leads since 1991 for companies like DELL, HP, Motorola, SAP, and smaller organizations like KnowB4 and Code 42 to name a few.

We have proven to our customers how we can save them money (cost per lead) and provide not only qualified leads but actionable leads to fill up the salespeople’s funnels with real opportunities.

We have generated tens of thousands of leads, breaking them down into these three types:


We secure talking to the right person, who answers all qualification questions (budget, authority, needs, and timeline). This person is ready for direct sales follow-up and should be made a priority to engage with one on one.


(Sales Qualified Lead) – We secure talking to the right person and obtain the answers to the qualification questions. This person is ready for direct sales follow-up.


(Marketing Qualified Lead) – We secure talking to the right person who answers the qualification questions. This person is primarily a contact that is sales-ready but is not yet ready for direct, personal attention from sales.

Our goal is simple – Integrate with our client’s sales and marketing effort to become a new profit center. We do everything in our power to demonstrate the highest possible ROI.

Lead generation requires business development expertise, a focus on a pre-sales process intended to exclude time wasters in order to produce leads that are rigorously profiled and properly qualified.

Lead generation is another pre-sales process targeting decision-makers and influencers that few of your best sales professionals do willingly or well. It is a process best performed by dedicated people experts in the use of phone, e-mail and social media to uncover new business opportunities. Professional pre-sales development requires discipline and a mind-set that enables the person to deal with bits and pieces of information as they try to bring together the picture that your sales professionals need to continue the sales process.

Developing leads for your sales professionals make economic sense and allows them to focus on closing the sale, which is what everybody wants. Working with Blue Valley Marketing professionals with vast lead generation experience also makes sense.