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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center Services

Many companies, small and large alike, hold the firm belief that the best way to ensure a top-quality customer experience is to handle all call center processes and services in-house.

While this call center model does offer a wide range of benefits, there are also a wide array of benefits that outsourced call centers can provide, especially to rapidly growing companies who are struggling to keep up with client engagement demand.

reasons to outsource your call center services

Understanding, Supporting, & Improving Customer Experience

he customer is at the heart of your business values. And your company is dedicated to creating fantastic products and services as you offer the most amazing customer experience.
The quality of that experience relies on a wide array of factors that need continual consideration and examination as businesses change and grow. Blue Valley Marketing will explore some of the key elements that businesses need to support, improve, and understand regarding the value of customer experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Call Center Services?​

Did you know at least 58% of customers contacted customer service at some point? Call centers ensure your business provides the most frictionless buyer’s journey possible. Outsourcing provides you the means of enjoying repeat business without taking on too much responsibility.
How much does it cost to outsource call center services, anyway? It’s time to talk numbers. We’re going to break down the basic day-to-day costs so you can start scaling.

How COVID-19 Expedites the Decay of Data

The business world increasingly runs on data. Understanding customer demographics, personal preferences and buying behaviors all help fuel a superior, customized customer experience.
Companies know that to remain competitive, they must utilize data and offer customers a highly cultivated encounter that includes recommendations, convenience and content that is all timely and targeted.

Warm Calling is What You Should Do to Close More Sales

Cold calling is a key technique for sales and marketing teams. Despite its reputation among marketing and sales professionals as a thankless task, with 63% of sales representatives identifying it as the worst part of their jobs,the results don’t lie: Small Biz Genius reports that 82% of buyers say they have gone on to accept meetings with representatives that began with a cold call.
Some may go so far as to say that the traditional cold call is ineffective, unproductive or even dead. Rather than cold calling being ineffective, many companies are finding that it’s the “cold” that is dead, not the call itself. It may be that a new, updated method of calling supports a more successful strategy.

Why the Closed Loop Process Is so Crucial to Your Lead Generation’s Success

Over the past 30 years, Teleservices has emerged as a significant marketing tool, principally because it is a conscious response to economic reality. It is a cost-effective, world-wide solution in today’s competitive and growing markets.
Building on these strengths, Blue Valley Marketing’s “closed loop” lead generation/qualification and customer service process provides a great return on investment and a complete set of analysis and management tools.

What Marketing Automation Misses: The Key to Interpersonal Engagement

Companies are finding out that there is a lot that technology cannot do when it comes to lead generation and more broadly new business development efforts.

Specifically, marketing automation cannot replace human interaction. Without that human interaction, you’ll have a difficult time turning leads into customers.

The Guide to Converting Your Aging Data to a Profit Center

Investing in database updates and enhancements is not a choice. Data normally decays at a rate of 10% a year. The impact of COVID-19 on unemployment, role changes and remote work has dramatically increased the amount of bad data on your files. It is very likely that your database now contains 20% bad data.
Do not let your marketing strategy and your sales efforts sit on a foundation of data errors? Download our White Paper now to find out how investing in data clean-up and enhancement not only reduces your costs, but also provides an opportunity to increase revenue and grow your brand.

Focusing on Data Quality to Convert Audience Development

In 2020, data decay rules as we know them changed dramatically. COVID-19 is serving as a catalyst for an exponential decline in data quality.
This bad data can negatively impact your organization’s revenue by up to 25%. As a publisher, it’s critical to learn how bad data affects your business and what you can do to turn your data into a revenue-generating tool for your business.

Overcome Bad Data Using Intent Data as Part of Content Marketing Efforts

Maintaining the accuracy of a company’s databases represents a serious challenge and requires ongoing investments of both money and resources.

The cost of doing nothing to improve the quality of data could be even greater. Poor data costs businesses a great deal through losses related to finances, reputation, opportunities and a riskier decision-making process.

Making the Most of a Necessary Step: How Content Distribution Enhances Data Clean-Up Efforts

Corporate leaders continue to consider data and analytics to be a critical investment for their business development.
They however are raising concerns about the integrity of the data they’re using. For example, a recent survey, the “2016 Global CEO Outlook” by the Forbes Insights and KPMG noted that despite the important role that data-dependent technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things will play, 84% of CEOs aren’t confident about the quality of data.

Combining Intent Data With “Fit” for Better Qualified Leads and a Higher Conversion Rate

Data is heavily influencing the marketing and sales process and improving success rates for companies that know how o utilize it for their new business development campaigns.
Prospects are actively searching for companies equipped to solve their business challenges through products or services. They may be searching online, consuming content, attending a webinar or even doing research through a live event, all with the goal of solving their business challenges. They’re gathering information about who to contact and who can potentially help them overcome their challenges.

Determining the Return on Investment for Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is currently a popular choice, but research is showing that it is most powerful when used in combination with traditional forms of marketing.
A case study conducted by Google and Dove reported that companies using a combined digital and traditional marketing strategy achieved an 11 percent sales increase, compared with a six percent increase for digital methods used alone.

Now That Content Marketing Reigns What’s Next in Your Marketing Investment?

The development of a reliable and measurable marketing plan is the foundation for growth in a company. For many B2B marketing directors, the challenge is execution. Too often a plan is not prioritized and is left untouched for weeks or months. Effective execution of a marketing plan requires daily interaction with objectives and strategies. Using an integrated approach to deliver the brand message to the right audience at the right time is key to success.
This white paper focuses on one element of the marketing plan: content marketing. It covers what should go into a high-functioning content marketing strategy. It will also discuss identifying the target audience, the needs of the audience and how the content is distributed to the audience.

In the Kingdom Where Content Rules, Telemarketing is the Royal Chariot

Approximately 90 percent of organizations are engaged in content marketing today, but the ones that get it right are utilizing telemarketing as a distribution channel.

Reaching the right audience is crucial if a content marketing campaign is going to produce results, which is why the best success stories involve multi-channel distribution strategies that utilize telemarketing.