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Blue Valley Marketing acts as a natural extension to your company.

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From adopting your brand voice to consistently communicating your values, outsourcing your contact center services allows you to seamlessly extend your resources.

Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center Services does much more than simply answer calls placed to your business or follow a cold call script. Our services will support customer and prospect inquiries, requests and complaints as well as process orders coming in by e-mail, chat or social media. Our agents will handle all customer service inquiries, qualify and nurture leads, schedule appointments, take orders, perform data clean-up and enhancement services, offer upselling and cross-selling support and work to develop a trusted relationship between your company and the customer.

There are several key benefits to investing in outsourced inbound contact center services and outsource customer service:

  • Contact center agents are trained to handle inquiries within the regulations governing industry compliance.
  • You choose the pricing model that works best for your needs.
  • It is ideal for businesses with high call volume or with omnichannel marketing strategies.
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Elevating Service in the Automotive Industry Today’s customer is informed, and by the time they call your dealership or repair shop, it’s likely that they have already looked your business up online and have a good idea of what you have to offer. It’s also likely that if they are placed on hold or are

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Exceptional B2B Customer Experiences at an Affordable Cost A positive experience with your company can lead to many referrals, but as a small business owner, it can be challenging to answer every call. But leave those calls to voicemail and you’re likely to lose opportunities. Likewise, you may have a commitment to a high standard

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Managing Your Many Roles Your responsibilities as a contractor can span from providing estimates and checking on different job sites to collecting payments and managing inventory. You may also take on the roles of salesman, customer management and appointment scheduler. Even while you’re juggling all of these responsibilities, your phone is ringing. And each of

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Build Better Customer Experiences The customer experience has become a key differentiator for e-commerce brands. An immediate response is critical, and inbound contact center services can help ensure you are always available to meet the needs of your customers quickly and efficiently. An inbound contact center can provide assistance with anything from resolving customer issues

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Embracing Your Mission At your educational institution, every student matters. You’re working to educate and inspire the next generation, and when you choose an outsourcing partner, it needs to be someone who will share your mission and understand your brand. Communication is the fuel of an efficient admission process, and there may be times when

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Combining Precision and Service In the finance industry, precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. You can’t allow anything to be handled imperfectly or let details slip through the cracks. Blue Valley Marketing agents are trained to handle the intricacies of your business and industry. With unparalleled accuracy and training in compliance issues, your

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Your Business to Run Seamlessly As an owner of a franchise, you have a lot of communicating to do. From staying up-to-date with the corporate office to informing your employees and supervisors, plus engaging with customers, you may feel as if you never get a break. Blue Valley Marketing’s inbound contact center services exist to

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Offering More At Blue Valley Marketing, we understand the challenge of wanting to provide excellent experiences but being limited by a budget. When you choose Blue Valley Marketing, you get the benefit of a customized program that allows every call to be answered by a completely U.S.-based contact center, while allowing your agency the time

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Offering the Best in Healthcare Support You’re striving to provide the best care for your patients, but your organization may need more support in order to effectively care for others. A fast and accurate response is more critical in the healthcare field than in any other industry, but the medical field is also vast, with

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Creating Excellent Guest Experiences There’s no schedule to hospitality; it’s a never-ending dedication to meeting your customers’ expectations. Just as you fulfill a request, serve a meal or finish an event, there’s another one right behind it. Top it all off with a ringing phone, a jammed email inbox or an unanswered text message, and

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Insurance for Your Customer Experience When it comes to insurance, the customer experience defines your brand. A customer that encounters a friendly, helpful agent that is focused on the first-call resolution of their questions or challenges is a customer that will tell their friends and family about your agency. From health to home and auto,

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Inbound Marketing Our legal intake services are ideal for firms from the small law office with limited staff to the large corporation receiving hundreds of calls, chats and website form submissions related to their injury and lawsuit cases. Blue Valley Marketing can support the needs of your legal practice with agents trained to professionally handle

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Equipping You to Fulfill Your Mission You’re committed to the mission of your organization, and Blue Valley Marketing is committed to equipping you to fulfill it. When it’s time to conduct your annual donation drive or you’re fielding high call volume from a telethon, your organization can count on our agents for a pleasant and

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political services


Political campaigns for the upcoming election are in full swing, imminent deadlines and the need for spontaneous collaboration take priority in your busy day. Fortunately, we are here to help you streamline your call center efforts and reach more contacts in less time. Blue Valley Marketing is acutely aware of the escalating technological, demographic, regulatory

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publishing services


Serving the Publishing industry since 1991. BPA/AAM/VAC Audits = 100% success. Our clients choose to work with us for the following reasons: Our Average cost per subscriber is often lower in comparison to other vendors. We are able to convert at a higher rate than other telemarketing vendors in the U.S. and abroad. Our analysis

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Selling the Experience No matter what you’re selling, your customers can always get it somewhere else. That’s why the exceptional customer experience must always be at the top of your priority list. In order to build loyalty and even create relationships where customers become your advocates, you need to offer a level of excellence that

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Small Business

Capturing Opportunities at a Cost-Effective Rate When you operate a small business, hiring another employee is a big decision. You can focus on running your business with the peace of mind that comes with outsourcing your answering service. For a minimal investment, you can cover gaps in your in-house answering solution with an agent that

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Connection Is the Heart of Communication The telecom industry is a competitive one, with customers fully aware that another company is ready to receive their business. Offering a better way to communicate is an important way that your company can differentiate itself in the market. Whether it’s satellite television, Internet service or cable companies, customers

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Be There for Your Customers Your work doesn’t end at 5:00, because your customers use utilities at every hour of the day. Whether it’s an emergency with widespread outages, or a customer simply calling to decipher their invoice, you need to be able to provide quick, convenient information. What customers don’t want is to be

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