Customer Development and Winback

People love to connect with people, not machines. Don’t make the mistake of leaving telemarketing out of your customer retention efforts. There are newer methods available to you today in regards to customer retention, but none are more proactive or as effective as telemarketing. However, it takes more than just a robust cold call script to improve a customer retention strategy; it takes an excellent ear to decide when it’s time to go off script and drill down into information that a customer really needs in order to further the relationship.

Being excellent communicators, telemarketers are also able to listen to the needs and concerns of customers. You need to understand the fears or hang-ups the client is having about a certain product or service. Despite new and updated methods of connecting to customers, the telemarketing experience brings the best results in customer retention. It is less expensive to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, so retaining customer is important for your bottom line.

Marketers strive to capture the interest of prospective clients, positioning them to enter the sales pipeline through a process called lead generation. There are a number of methods and channels through which lead generation companies stimulate interest in potential clients, so many in fact that there is a lot of noise to contend with in today’s market. You can cut through the noise with telemarketing.

The best lead generation companies will identify who will be the best possible prospect for your products/services. It’s a process of discovery that reveals more than just a potential suitor’s level of availability for entering the buy cycle. When telemarketing is part of the lead generation process, the ensuing conversation can be directed down the right path, one that ultimately results in a buy-cycle situation.

Blue Valley Marketing not only generates preliminary leads for their clients, we also set-up nurturing processes in place to secure our clients return on investment. We don’t believe lead generation should be the sole responsibility of your marketing department; we believe that listening to your sales people and understanding what they consider a qualified lead is crucial to your success. We promote integrating your sales people’s desires, with your marketing departments lead generation efforts. Carefully designed projects funded by the executive branch and supported by both the sales and marketing departments are key in developing the best most actionable leads that the sales team will be excited to sell as well.