Customer Service

Contact Center Services

Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center Services provides the consistent, high-quality solution you need to close the gap between your company and your customers. Whether you require ongoing contact center service solutions or agent assistance during a promotion or holiday season, Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center provides a complete and customized service set designed to fit your priorities and your budget.

Consider the range of call center services and benefits offered by Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center Services:

Basic Call Reception:

If your business is often flooded with calls, you may benefit from a simple call answering service. Dedicated agents are trained to consistently represent your brand to offer a seamless experience. Your customer will interact with your brand as if they were talking with an in-house agent

Upselling and Cross-Selling:

Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center agents will drive revenue growth with conversation techniques designed to increase each individual ticket through upselling and cross-selling your products and services. If you are running a promotion or highlighting a specific product for a segmented market, count on Blue Valley to help you reach your sales goals.

Data Clean-up and Enrichment:

Every year, corporations lose money when outdated information allows marketing efforts to go wasted. With each inbound call, Blue Valley Marketing agents clean and correct relevant data to keep your records current. Furthermore, our contact center agents can enrich your database by collecting additional information about clients and prospects. Eliminate waste associated with wrong contact names, addresses and phone numbers with data clean-up services through Blue Valley.

Appointment Scheduling:

Removing the scheduling of appointments and other routine tasks from your in-house contact center agents is an effective way of boosting job satisfaction and allowing agents to focus on less-mundane and complex customer issues. You’ll reduce employee turnover and improve employee engagement when you turn appointment scheduling over to Blue Valley Marketing.

Order Taking:

If your company is running a promotion, entering a busy holiday season or simply experiencing a growth in sales, Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center can assist with efficient, seamless order-taking. Your customers will receive a consistent experience when your brand values are represented through a Blue Valley agent.

Handling Complaints and Questions:

From inquiries about an order status to paying an invoice or filing a complaint, Blue Valley Inbound Contact Center can handle the call center services that tend to bog down an in-house contact center.