Content Marketing Distribution

Current marketing strategies commonly include the generation of content in the form of blogs, white papers, videos, images and infographics, to name a few. The distribution of this content is conducted through carefully-chosen channels. The form of distribution for content is a critical part of any marketing plan. Even if a company creates high-quality content, a poor understanding of appropriate distribution channels will result in a failure of the marketing plan.

Selecting the best distribution channels plays a crucial role in the successful execution of a marketing plan. Not enough B2B marketers invest time and resources to identify the best mix in an effort to reach their goals. Different distribution channels serve different connection points and targeting in marketing allows it to reach the right audience. Only when content reaches the target audience can you expect the increased sales results you want.

Many companies are certainly identifying valuable ways to include new techniques involving social media and other online channels into their strategies, but there are advantages to including more traditional, proactive distribution choices. One such choice is telemarketing. With so much marketing going through online channels, there can be a lot of clutter. Telemarketing is an effective strategy to help the target audience cut through the online mess and connect with a company.

Telemarketing is an excellent way to add a proactive approach to an integrated distribution strategy. It continues to provide the type of interaction through which trust is developed and relationships are built.

Blue Valley Marketing helps our clients to reach the right contact with each and every call. Our business-to-business telemarketing services have greatly impacted clients in several industries. Our professional calling campaigns utilize the latest software and hardware that help keep costs low and effectiveness high. The end result is the capture of quality and critical data that generates leads and helps to identify new opportunities for profits.

In addition to Content syndication services, we also provide the following:

  • Lead generation/qualifications
  • Lead nurturing and enhancement
  • Database clean-up and enhancement
  • Target list recommendations and development
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer development
  • Event marketing (live and virtual) invitations and management
  • Marketing research, surveys, and competitive analysis
  • E-mail follow-up and support

Telemarketing is a distribution channel that allows a company to set itself apart. While a company may be able to post a white paper and then link it to a direct email campaign, decision-makers are flooded with these types of communications. Including telemarketing in an integrated distribution plan adds a personal, proactive element that cannot be achieved in an email or social media update.

Telemarketing allows a company to distribute content to a segmented market, based on a prospect’s or client’s specific business needs, as well as follow up with their target audience to determine whether the content is being received and to invite the potential customer to ask questions or take action that leads to a sale. During the conversation, the telemarketer also gathers critical information about the potential customer’s interest in the company and the likelihood that they will convert to a paying client.