Critical Ways Inbound Contact Centers Benefit B2B Companies

Inbound contact center services for B2B can help with taking orders or scheduling appointments.

Taking care of existing customers or trying to drum up new business: that’s the constant debate for B2B companies looking for ways to maximize their revenue. When it comes to both business development and customer experiences, it would be ideal if there were a dedicated set of employees, always ready to help customers and capture new opportunities.

When you consider costs like benefits and training, you may find that answering every call feels out of reach. And just being able to answer a call isn’t enough; you need a representative of your company that offers a consistent brand experience, who understands your industry and the specifics of your company’s values.

You don’t have to choose between answering every call and sticking to your budget. When you choose an outsourced inbound contact center solution, you can offer the high-quality service you want, without all the expense of an in-house employee.

Your customers are increasingly aware that if they aren’t receiving the kind of service and experience, they want, your competitors are ready and waiting for them. Developing a strategy that allows you to offer superior service can be a differentiator for your brand, offering a solid reason both for new leads to convert and for existing customers to become loyal advocates.

Hiring Challenges

You might automatically default to hiring more employees to handle the number of inbound inquiries coming into your company via phone, email, social media and chat. You begin by posting a job opening, but quickly realize that competing for talent in the current job market may prove challenging. There are simply more jobs than candidates.

In addition, you may only require a few extra hours of inbound contact center support, not necessarily the equivalent of another full-time or even part-time employee. Maybe it’s time to consider an inbound contact center services provider that has the flexibility as well as the technology your company may lack to effectively handle multichannel inbound marketing.

Choosing the Right Contact Center Services Provider

You also can’t choose just any inbound contact center services provider. Whether you’re trying to augment your in-house customer service or handle lead generation for a promotion, you need a contact center that is ready to act as an extension of your company. Let’s break them down separately for lead generation and customer service:

Lead Generation: Choosing the right contact center for capturing leads and nurturing them into customers requires agents that understand the various stages of your customers’ buying journey, as well as common obstacles that come up around your product or service. You also need an inbound contact center that is proactive about capturing key information, such as who the various stakeholders are in a purchasing decision, what their budget and timeline are and the types of content that might be appropriate for helping them move along in their decision.

The lead generation stage is generally the first contact that a potential customer has with your brand, so it’s critical to choose a contact center that is willing to develop a customized script, designed with your brand story in mind. Agents become your brand advocates as they develop a relationship with the contact.

Customer Service: You’ve got a commitment to creating the kinds of customer experiences that give you a competitive edge, but sometimes the budget just isn’t there. The right inbound contact center services provider will allow you to both meet your customer service standards and remain within your budget. You can access services such as appointment scheduling and order taking, as well as answering inquiries like invoice questions or delivery status.

These services not only benefit your customers with excellent experiences. They also help your in-house employees enjoy their jobs more because they are able to outsource their most mundane, repetitive calls, and focus on more complex customer issues.

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