Mixing Digital and Traditional Methods for Your Best Content Marketing Strategy

Including a human piece, like telemarketing, in your content marketing strategy builds relationships with decision makers.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

The digital noise is deafening. You see it in your own industry; you can’t wade through all the emails, messaging and alerts to get to the information you really need. As a B2B marketer, how do you make sure your message is heard in the current din of digital marketing?

Does your content marketing strategy have a mix of digital and traditional resources to share your message with your target audience? A strategic approach is required to use these tools to their best advantage and spur growth for your company. Not all marketing tools are created equal, and certainly not all are equally fit for your brand or industry.

One traditional method has remained a reliable tool for maximizing lead generation, telemarketing. Yes, telemarketing is still an extremely reliable and predictable way to connect with your target audience and find out the details that help you craft a highly personalized digital content marketing plan. In this article, you’ll learn how to refine your digital marketing approach using telemarketing to fill in the gaps and strengthen your lead generation efforts.

It is important to understand what telemarketing actually is as we talk about the benefits it brings to your lead generation strategy.

Telemarketing is two people in conversation to accomplish one or more of the following:

With Existing Clients

    • Relationship building/enhancing
    • Improving customer service including problem resolution and support
    • Exploring future business opportunities
    • Database update/enhancement and surveying

Outbound Telemarketing With Existing Clients and New Prospects

    • Defining your client persona including database enhancement
    • Relationship building
    • Exploring new business opportunities
    • Developing/identifying qualified actionable leads
    • Content marketing distribution
    • Brand development and enhancement

In a recent article, “4 Advanced Targeting Strategies For B2B Marketers,” marketingland.com discusses four ways to increase your return on investment in the area of lead generation. Here are those four strategies, in addition to advice for how to incorporate telemarketing to get an even bigger boost in each of those areas:

Get granular: In order to create a highly personalized message, you need to know who you’re talking to. Spend some time creating buyer personas, noting detailed information about their role within their companies, what their interests are and what kinds of challenges they frequently encounter in their jobs. This allows you to create better, more specific content that shows your audience that you know your industry and you are a resource for them.

LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B marketers creating buyer personas. You can easily run analytics and sort options that tell you which groups your target audience are joining, the articles they read and what their roles are in the company.

How telemarketing boosts results: A phone conversation helps you deepen your understanding of your potential buyers, allowing you to create accurate buyer personas. Within a telemarketing call, you can find out what role your potential buyer holds in the company and what challenges they confront in their daily work. You can also learn important details, like whether there are other individuals involved in the decision-making process.

Grab their attention: While there’s a time to get granular, there’s a time to simply get noticed, too. Using top-of-funnel techniques utilizes graphics, humor or fear to grab the attention of your target audience and get them to your content. For visual-related industries, you’ll get people’s attention with a video or picture but it can happen with text, too.

How telemarketing boosts your results: This is where having conversations with your potential buyers helps you start to spot themes in conversations. It can be a powerful launching point for brainstorming sessions among your marketing team if you notice that every third or so potential buyer you talk to is facing a specific problem on their operations side of the business. Inject some humor and some good graphics to get their attention related to the topics you heard in your phone conversations.

Understand your remarketing strategy: While you want to use your content to move your potential buyers to the next step, do you know what step they’re in at the moment? Get to know the behaviors of your audience and how they progress through your content, then browsing on your website, and the other steps that lead to a purchase. Your calls to action and emails should be strategic and not uniform across the board, but still speaking with the same brand message.

How telemarketing boosts your results: A conversation can provide so much information to help you refine your strategy. When you talk with a potential buyer, you can identify where they are in the engagement cycle and tailor the content they receive based on that feedback. You can also determine what formats they prefer to receive content in and provide a highly personalized content feed to move them through to the buying stage.

Remember that your personas really are people: It’s easy to create a set of buyer personas and get a little too stuck in the labels that you assign these groups of people. Remember to continue using LinkedIn and other analytical tools to help you better understand your buyers, rather than locking into a buyer persona that you created years ago.

How telemarketing boosts your results: Nothing helps you remember that, even in B2B, you’re still two people doing business together like telemarketing. Telemarketing helps you spot holes in your buyer personas and keeps the human touch in your interactions with your target audience. Those are still people you’re selling to, and you will benefit from your potential buyers remembering that you are still people, too.

Why Telemarketing is Still as Valuable as Ever

Telemarketing provides a personal connection that cannot be imitated in digital marketing tools. Even with current trends showing a lot of activity in digital content marketing, you’ll outsmart your competition when you retain the opportunity for personal conversations with your target audience.

A personal conversation builds loyalty and trust between you and your potential buyer, before the sale is ever made. You can listen to their reservations, walk them through any obstacles to their decision and make suggestions for resources you offer that they might find valuable.

As a lead generation tool, telemarketing is unmatched in its ability to help you identify all the key decision-makers at a company, as well as those that may indirectly influence a decision. Digital methods are passive ways of obtaining information about decision-makers, while telemarketing helps you get directly to those that are involved in the purchase.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is experienced at helping companies like yours integrate digital and traditional content marketing methods for optimal lead generation. To learn more, make an appointment to tell us about your business and your current efforts to generate growth. We would love to see how we can partner together to spark a successful marketing strategy.

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