Why You Should Keep Telemarketing in Your Marketing Techniques Toolkit

Use Your Marketing Techniques to Work Together to Get the Most Benefit

The business world is in an evolutionary process. The 2015 Christmas holiday season witnessedmarketing techniques even greater online shopping than business gurus had predicted. So much so that delivery services could not keep up. It’s easy to get the idea that nothing about doing business will succeed if you rely on past methods…including marketing techniques. In an increasingly digital world you might think that the era of telemarketing has already come and gone. But in this case proven methods remain effective.

A B2B survey of 200 marketing managers conducted in 2015 found that 90 percent of those responsible for marketing say that telemarketing remains an effective channel for them. Another 60 percent of these managers reported that telemarketing was a critical channel. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

The disconnect is more about perception than reality. The notion of telemarketing continues to conjure up images of uncomfortable or unwelcome cold calls when, in fact, telemarketing is a proven B2B strategy that remains powerful even in the digital age. Among the B2B marketing techniques employed by your company you need to leave room for telemarketing at the table. Here’s why:

The Human Connection has Value
It’s quite true that personal communication has moved away from phone conversation and toward less personal text-based or image-based interactions. Email, texting, Instagram and SnapChat are more and more the preferred channels for personal communication. But that does not necessarily translate into the business realm. B2B communication is still greatly affected by person-to-person interactions and telemarketing provides this important human touch.
Tools Used in Tandem are More Powerful
Since digital marketing can play a large role in your marketing landscape your best bet is to find ways to help your disparate marketing techniques work in tandem. Use digital to lay the groundwork for telemarketing or to gather information that will drive your telemarketing content – and vice versa. Direct telemarketing contacts to digital sites. When your tools work together they are stronger.

Use Precision Tools for Specific Tasks
Your telemarketing is an effective avenue for strengthening B2B relationships so use it that way. Spend phone time asking how products or services are meeting customer expectations or exploring what you can do to improve. Only after the customer is comfortable with the intent of your outreach is it safe to probe for possible business leads. Thinly veiled sales tactics and self-serving questions will be seen as a waste of your customer’s time. Sincere customer service, on the other hand, will produce the business-building results you seek.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing we have the experience to use calls with the skill required to achieve your B2B goals. We know how to coordinate telemarketing with your other marketing channels. Contact us and find out how we can make 2016 a more successful marketing year for you using the tools business managers trust most.

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