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outbound marketingDid outbound marketing ever really go out of style? Some marketers say they pushed outbound marketing strategies on the back burner several years ago, but it’s making a comeback, and here’s why.

Nearly 60 percent of a buyers’ research on a product is completed before they contact the company that sells it. You probably have heard that statistic by now, but you also know that not every buyer knows exactly what they want or need. That’s why it’s important to not rely so heavily on the buyer’s ability to educate themselves on a product and get out in front of them with your content. Outbound marketing is the key to educating the buyer and informing them of the value of your product or services.

More B2B marketers today are entertaining the idea of letting outbound marketing and inbound marketing work for each other; they don’t have to be two entirely separate entities. The smartest marketers are working to build up a host of content that will inform the audience in their inbound marketing efforts. However, once you have a library full of valuable content, it can also be used for outbound marketing efforts.

Outbound marketing can involve a number of channels, but one that can be critical to your results is telemarketing. Let’s take lead scoring as an example of how telemarketing can assist in outbound marketing efforts. Lead scoring helps you gauge the level of engagement your target audience is currently experiencing with your content marketing efforts. Lead scoring also helps you understand if you have your demographics segmented properly, and there are a variety of ways you can score your leads. To truly get to the bottom of lead scoring processes you have to contact them and have an actual conversation.

When you connect with your target audience and engage in direct communication, you can ask them questions about what they learned when they clicked on your link. You already know without talking to them that they clicked on your link, but you don’t know if they actually consumed the content provided there. Call them and find out why they did or did not.

When engaged in communication with a buyer in an outbound call, the telemarketer learns that the buyer is dealing with some issues and doesn’t quite know how to solve the problem. This is when the telemarketer can query the library for the appropriate material that can help bring a close to this buyer’s issue. Be it a white paper or a case study or an actual product or service – the outbound marketing effort can lead to an improved relationship with the buyer.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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