Be Proactive With B2B Marketing

Establishing a Firm B2B Marketing Strategy

As a B2B marketer, your goal is to create demand by informing the decision maker of the value ofB2B Marketing the product or service. While the content is important, so too are the channels through which the content is relayed. The channels that lead to a deeper relationship between you and the client are the ones that offer the most proactive experience.

Most B2B marketing attempts are in the “reactive” category as this is the approach that allows marketers to understand what clients and potential clients need in order to experience growth. However, to really get ahead, the proactive approach is employed because this involves better lead generation outcomes and market research gathering that can provide the data for fact-based decisions for the current campaign and for future campaigns.

Telemarketing remains one of the most proactive channels B2B marketing professionals employ today. Yes, there is plenty of discussion about new marketing channels like making content mobile ready, thanks in part to the fact that so many people are getting online through their phones and tablet computers, but old channels like telemarketing remain more than relevant.

The best marketing strategies involve getting to know the target market, building marketing content around their preferences, and then using a multi-channel approach to move that content to them. B2B marketers know that decision makers (clients or prospective clients with the power to buy) welcome telemarketing interaction because it is an effective way to understand the true value of a product or service.

Many marketers are spending time learning how to connect with the target audience through social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook among others. LinkedIn is of particular interest due to its new product/service showcase where marketers can put more light on their latest offering. While this is considered making a proactive step in social media, it doesn’t involve the human touch like telemarketing does.

The best telemarketers will be connected with the latest hardware and software that makes the call campaigns effective, efficient and give you a better return on your investment. However, the most important aspect of bringing in a third party telemarketing agency with top-notch equipment is that you’ll see the results that improve your bottom line.

Don’t let your next campaign fall flat because you aren’t using proactive channels with the human touch – do your research and bring in a telemarketing company to assist you.
At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we impress upon our clients the value of the human touch and being proactive when communicating with decision makers in a variety of industries. Contact us today and we’ll discuss our approach to your next content marketing campaign.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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