Marketing Strategies: Offline and Online Tactics Merge

Telemarketing gives marketing strategists a deeper understanding of the target audience for successful campaign planning.

Marketing Strategies That Integrate Telemarketing See a Better Return on Investment

As a B2B marketer today, you can’t settle for marketing strategies that focus solely on offline or online practices. There is no longer a bold border separating online and offline marketing.

Chief marketing officers responded in a recent survey from Gartner that they are merging their offline and online strategies. A total of 98 percent said that is their focus today as the distinction between digital and traditional marketing schools of thought begins to merge. In fact, a marketing strategy that produces good results is to drive offline audiences to online campaigns to create a more efficient process with more productive results. A similarity that both offline and online tactics have is that it’s important to know who the audience is before implementing a strategy. Telemarketing can be implemented to help connect with the audience, whether in New York, Boston or Chicago, and segment them into more appropriate groups.

One way to target more customers is to use the existing database to connect offline and online efforts. The goal is to bring more offline customers online where they can find new ways to interact with your organization and develop a more substantial relationship. Once they are in a better position to enter the buy cycle, the strong relationship with your brand will be fresh in their minds and they will be more willing to do business with you rather than a competitor.

As a B2B marketer, you are likely utilizing marketing strategies that involve multiple channels, including social media, which has earned a great deal of attention lately. There are advantages and opportunities in utilizing social media strategies, but only through consistency can social be of benefit. For instance, using Twitter, you can connect with the audience, like their tweets, comment and retweet regularly.

While social media is fairly new to the marketing game, one channel that is not is telemarketing, but it still has a place in B2B marketing. This is especially true when planning marketing strategies around offline and online processes. Some marketers believe that in order to stay relevant, they must use the latest tools at their disposal. However, they are leaving out a highly prized marketing tool in telemarketing.

Telemarketing utilizes the human touch to bring more leads into the mix. Not all leads will be ready to jump into the buy cycle, regardless if they came from an offline or online platform. Telemarketers, who are excellent communicators, can nurture these leads until they are ready for the sales department.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is working with clients today that are focused on all forms of online and offline marketing strategies. Our services become a valuable tool that assists in converting leads into a sales-ready position. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next campaign.

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