Marketing Techniques That Drive Improvement

B2B marketers can learn a lot from B2C marketers about strategies that successfully drive brand loyalty.

Stepping up B2B Marketing Techniques

There is a lot of talk about the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, but is it possible that the B2B marketer can lift tips from their B2C counterparts? Marketing techniques vary from industry to industry, but there are some takeaways in the following tips from B2C marketing that you can use in the B2B world:

Thinking Like B2C

The thinking doesn’t line up perfectly, but some of the best marketing techniques used by the B2B crowd today follow a line of thinking most commonly carried out by B2C marketers. For instance, you want to build a memorable perception of your brand among your target audience just as B2C marketers do. You want to know who the buyer is, what influences them and where they go to find the information they need to make their next purchase. As a B2B marketer, however, you need to work harder to remove the risk associated with a sale.

Creating Trust

The B2C marketers can often rely on the spontaneity of the consumer to force themselves into the buy cycle. There is more at stake for you as a B2B buyer, which means in order for you to jump into the buy cycle, you have to be assured that your money is being well spent and that it will improve the chances that your organization will reach its goals due to the product or service you are selling. Creating trust is difficult when using marketing channels that don’t connect with the target audience on a personal level.

Being Human

As a marketer, you work hard to personalize your digital approach. It’s a burdensome task when dealing with content marketing efforts focused on social media channels. Videos, photographs and other forms of personalizing methods are employed, but with varying degrees of success. What’s missing is the human element, which is vital to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. Telemarketing adds the human touch in a big way, drawing on the communication techniques of professional telemarketers that drive the relationship to new levels.

Effective B2B Marketing Techniques

Today we are living in a multi-channel environment that you have to fully embrace. This includes mixing old techniques and methods in with new ones. However, for this process to be fruitful, the message has to be consistent. At the same time, the message has to be uniquely suited for each channel. Maintaining a balance is difficult, but achievable. Getting a better return on your investment can be difficult without a proactive approach, which again, is why telemarketing is a crucial piece of the multi-channel puzzle.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is an organization that constantly evolves with the needs of the client. Marketing techniques are also constantly evolving, and we are able to evolve with every new piece of technology that impacts the telemarketing industry. This allows us to give our clients a better return on their investments. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how to tackle your next content marketing campaign.

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