Ditch Manual Dialing, Unleash the Benefits of Power Dialing in Outbound Campaigns

A call center that utilizes a power dialer can work faster through lead lists, giving you a better return on your investment.

A power dialer offers a personalized and evolved experience for your outbound campaigns, giving you the ability to skip to the next prospect, pause the call queue anytime, delete numbers during a call, follow up quicker, and automatically identify numbers from websites.

A range of features creates the X factor in your sales campaigns. For instance, you can play recorded client testimonials during a sales call to prove your point to the intended recipient, strengthen your rapport, or boost your sales pitch. A power dialer can also be a great asset to overcome one of the biggest sales rep struggles: call reluctance, which obstructs prospecting and is worse than the fear of making cold calls.

How Can a Power Dialer Help to Reduce Sales Call Reluctance?

A power dialer can make a useful contribution toward alleviating your sales call reluctance by allowing you to track your performance, make calls less intimidating, help improve communication after each call, and allow you to pat yourself on the back after each win. You’ll also be able to pre-qualify prospects to increase your confidence and help you perform with the mindset of being a trusted advisor and problem solver.

It’s equally important to pair your power dialer with accurate firmographic and technographic data. Failing to do so can derail your sales pitch and waste your precious sales time as you’ll be contacting prospects/companies who are a bad fit for you. Consistent poor lead quality could bring your sales reps back to their sales call reluctance problem.

Imagine your sales rep does all the hard work to get someone on the phone only to realize they’re speaking to the wrong person or that person is working for a different company now. Feeling like their time is being wasted on the phone, even if being on the phone has been made significantly easier with a new dialer, will not help your sales rep deal with their sales call reluctance.

6 Ways to Use Power Dialing for Next-level Outbound Sales Campaigns

Over 40% of salespeople say that sales prospecting is the most challenging area of the sales process. Power dialing proves to be a great solution to the prospecting challenge. There is a wide range of benefits a power dialer has on the success rate of your outbound call campaigns:

Increase Connection Rates

  • Removes connection delays to reduce customer frustration
  • Increases the contact rate and number of conversations with leads
  • More efficiently connects sales reps with live prospects
  • Eliminate the loss of time in sales prospecting due to manual dialing

 Conduct Pre-call Research

  • Access critical information about prospects to create targeted pitches
  • Be prepared to present yourself as a high-value resource on the next call
  • Determine whether the next prospect on the list is worth calling
  • Find points of commonality and avoid redundancy to better connect with prospects

 Ensure Better Targeting

  • Allow sales reps to focus on real connections
  • Increase the valuable time sales reps spend talking with prospects
  • Make closing deals easy by streamlining repetitive tasks
  • Use real-time reporting, call monitoring, and campaign management

 Increase Your Pipeline

  • Improve the number of dials per hour to increase lead generation
  • Make notes, add tags, manage contact activity, and do more to nurture leads
  • Better leverage the power of direct dials to drive sales
  • Use voicemail or follow-up email to salvage prospects who did not respond

 Drive ROI

  • Take control of the dialing pace and calls per sales rep ratio
  • Discover more sales opportunities and boost sales performance
  • Benefit from automated outbound dialing vis-à-vis sales productivity
  • Bear low risk of dropped calls and the resulting TCPA penalties and fines

 Set More Meetings

  • Use flexible campaign settings to revisit prospects who did not answer
  • Increase conversion chances by blending outbound and inbound call campaigns
  • Easily find and target hot leads with intelligent filters and smart search
  • Avoid the hurdle of busy signals, disconnected numbers, and abandoned calls

Dialing Success Depends on Reliable Data

A power dialer can brute force your way through bad data, but for how long? Feeding your power dialer with over 30% unreliable data (this is what you can expect with a machine-processed data provider) will handicap the benefits you should be reaping. You’ll quickly call any good prospects and frustrate your sales reps by making them call people that aren’t good leads. A power dialer with accurate, human-verified data will not only help you to improve your connection rates but will also connect you to the right prospects, focusing your sales efforts. The goal is to increase quality, not just quantity.

The reliable data a company like SalesIntel provides can significantly add to the benefit of pre-call research you get from using a power dialer. With intent data, you can access buying intent signals and know the hot button issues of your prospects. Firmographics like company location, size, and industry allow you to tailor your outreach. Furthermore, technographic data enables you to focus on integrations, joint use cases, or competitor takeaway campaigns. You can also use buyer intel to leverage warm introductions on your outbound calls by referencing hiring, news coverage, funding rounds, etc.

Without the correct data, time is wasted burning through bad contacts by calling people with the wrong title, wrong department, or even the wrong company. You’re also wasting time on prospects that may not be the correct fit or have not shown any purchasing intent.

With a power dialer, you’ll only drive ROI as much as your data allows you to pack the pipeline with reliable intel on your target companies and decision-maker direct dial numbers. It’s essential to not only have accurate numbers but all possible options for a connected call.

For example, you’d want your sales reps to call mobile numbers more during the pandemic so they can reach more prospects in a work-from-home environment. As per a recent independent case study, work mobile numbers from SalesIntel helped SDRs to reach prospects (C-suite and VPs) 7X more effectively than direct dials and switchboard numbers.

You can also target an organization from both the top decision-makers to influencers in the company. The more opportunities your data provides you for tailored targeting and scheduling meetings, the higher your chance of success.

Already Have Reliable Data? Use It Best with a Power Dialer

If you already have a reliable data provider, then not only does a power dialer provide all the benefits discussed above (increased connection rates, pipeline flow, and meetings scheduled), but a power dialer also helps you make full use of the data you’ve already bought.

Imagine buying premium gasoline but pouring it into a slow and old engine. When you use manual dialing with verified data, you’re preventing yourself from seeing your best possible results. Adding a power dialer helps you use your data at an increased scale and pace. More calls mean more connections and more deals closed. By combining a power dialer solution with top-level data, you’re making sure that each is being used to its full potential.

Making the Most of Your Power Dialer

There are a number of power dialer services that may be a good fit for your company. Options like Tenfold, PhoneBurner, Genesys, LiveVox, Five9 or Aircall, each offer a range of services. Providers offer options for standalone power dialers or as an integrated solution with customer relationship management, and even hybrid options are available.

To make the most of your power dialer, you have the option, rather than investing in raw data and technology, to outsource your lead qualification step to Blue Valley Marketing. We use power dialers to make preliminary calls for your sales team and set up appointments for them. Rather than waste time trying to figure out which companies may be ready and qualified as immediate opportunities, they are instead handed an actionable lead requiring follow-up.

Outsource your initial lead qualification step to Blue Valley so that your salespeople are freed up to work on only qualified, actionable leads. Blue Valley does the work that your sales representatives hate, and you experience a higher return on investment.

Combining high-quality data from SalesIntel with the lead generation momentum from Blue Valley Marketing can turn your power dialer experience into exciting, measurable growth for your company.

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