Why Inbound Contact Center Services Are a Good Fit for the Finance Industry

Adhering to compliance regulations is just one of the challenges facing a financial services contact center.

The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. When it comes to meeting customer needs in a timely manner with precision and accuracy, no industry is more demanding than financial services. The challenges are numerous:

  • The digital world has changed the timing of requests; whereas in past decades, customers expected to talk with an agent during business hours, the expectation has shifted to a 24/7 demand for information.
  • Customer experiences require a high level of personalization.
  • When a customer has a poor experience, they have access to social media to complain about your company to a large audience.
  • Many agents struggle under the weight of outdated applications and infrastructure, forced to toggle between platforms and applications to answer customer requests.
  • An age of unprecedented cyber security challenges makes it difficult to adequately protect client data.

You’re under a lot of pressure to deliver excellent customer experiences while protecting data. There’s an ideal solution that can relieve the pressure, offering your customers access to the solutions they need and giving your organization the pressure release valve that helps you run operations smoothly. Take a look at a few of the services that an inbound contact center services provider can handle for you:

Pre-Qualification: Your industry revolves around form completion, and whether it’s loan pre-qualification, insurance eligibility or income verification, contact center agents can assist by gathering relevant data from clients and ensuring forms are completed by the required date.

Hotlines: The financial services industry has a heightened need for 24/7 compliance hotlines, including identity theft or fraud. Allowing a contact center to handle your hotlines gives your employees and clients a clear path forward and provides you with the reassurance of offering this important service.

Reception: From transferring calls to scheduling appointments and taking messages, receptionist services offer the experience your clients want and the screening services your in-house agents need.

Processing Claims: Imagine how much more your employees could accomplish if they weren’t spending time assisting customers with filling out claim forms. When you outsource this service, an integrated approach allows you to free up time while ensuring your client receives a consistent experience.

Blue Valley Marketing offers inbound contact center services to a variety of financial organizations:

  • Retail, investment and commercial banks, as well as credit unions
  • Moneylenders
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Accountants
  • Financial advisors and planners
  • Insurance agencies
  • Internet banks

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you outsource inbound contact center services:

  • Provide an unparalleled customer experience to your clients
  • Efficiently route calls to the appropriate office when in-house assistance is required
  • Multichannel communications through email, text, phone or chat
  • Record calls for reporting and analysis insights

What about compliance? In an age of increasingly varied and frequent data breaches, data security is critical in the banking and financial services industry. At Blue Valley Marketing, we are PCI compliant as well as ISO 27001 certified, so you can rest easy that your clients’ data will be safe with our agents. We take pride in offering excellent and secure services that only serve to improve your reputation with clients.

To learn more about the inbound contact center services we offer to members of the financial services industry, contact us at Blue Valley Marketing. Our completely U.S.-based services offer customized programs designed to optimize your return on investment and relieve the pressure of delivering excellent client experiences.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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