How to Improve Your B2B Marketing to Drive More Profits

B2B marketing strategy must be built on solid data that helps you build your target audience.

B2B marketing requires a unique strategy. While B2C marketing is focused on selling to the individual, B2B may involve multiple stakeholders, decision-makers and the C-suite, as well as influencers all impacting whether your lead makes a purchase.

In addition, the stakes are often higher, with bigger corporate budgets and complex factors impacting the investment. B2B marketing plays a valuable role in engaging these stakeholders, understanding the many moving pieces involved in the buying decision and converting them into customers.

There are four key ways you can refine your B2B marketing to improve profits and your return on investment:

Choose a Multi-Channel Strategy: While many B2B marketers are embracing digital content distribution channels, such as social media and email, the most effective technique is using these tools in an integrated, multi-channel strategy.

Digital methods produce better results and improve your ROI when they are paired with traditional channels such as telemarketing and direct mail. These methods offer some benefits that digital methods do not: reaching a broader audience, adding a personal touch, increasing brand trust and a better connection with your targeted prospects.

Using a telemarketing or direct mail channel also helps you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly noisy online world. A telemarketing campaign will ensure your content reaches the right people and delivers content that assists them in their specific business needs.

It also allows you to follow up with prospects after the content has been delivered. You’ll be able to find out whether they have seen your content and receive their feedback, understand what they find compelling about your brand and if they are in the market for a purchase.

Start with Quality Data: Data plays a critical role in generating quality leads, identifying and reaching the right audience with personalized messages and creating highly effective campaigns. Quality data allows you to reach target audiences faster and more accurately, supporting digital and direct marketing efforts.

Use B2B company data, which includes firmographic, demographic, intent, and technographic data, to do the following:

    • Tailor your marketing content to your buyer personas
    • Gain insights into the buying habits and interests of prospects
    • Understand the pain points and needs of prospects
    • Know the type of solutions your prospects need
    • Build hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

B2B data is also important to build your ideal customer profile, segment your target audience, qualify leads faster and add value to your account-based marketing campaigns.

Partnering with leading B2B contact and company data providers like SalesIntel can help you get the data you need to boost your marketing ROI. SalesIntel has over 6 million human-verified contacts, an extensive B2B company database, and the most direct dials in the industry.

Connect at a Personal Level: If your marketing team only focuses on digital, technology-based tools, you will miss the significant role that human-to-human interaction can play in improving engagement and building relationships with your leads. Phone calls, webinars and video conferences are all effective ways to initiate the personal connection that is particularly important in a post-COVID-19 era.

Human interaction is important for your B2B marketing success:

    • Build a personal relationship and strong rapport with potential customers
    • Identify key decision-makers and understand the decision-making process, including their budget, timeline and potential opportunities
    • Better understand your prospects and what exactly they are looking for
    • Know when to make that timely push to convert leads into customers
    • Identify objections or factors that are hindering prospects from buying

Maintain Data Hygiene: Your B2B marketing team has invested resources, funds and time to develop a robust database infrastructure. Failing to maintain data quality and hygiene is detrimental to the database and also to your marketing ROI.

Regular updating, enrichment and maintenance are all critical to protect the quality of your database and promote lead generation through accurate prospects. Neglecting to maintain your database hygiene is a lot like investing time and money to build an engine, but then never changing, or even checking, the oil.

Inaccuracy runs rampant among B2B businesses, with 94% suspecting that their database contains inaccuracies. To eliminate irrelevant, inaccurate and incorrect data, marketing teams must invest in data hygiene and enrichment that maintains a high level of accuracy and reverifies data every 90 days.

The right service will enrich your database automatically or manually, append data that’s missing in your webforms, keep your accounts updated with complete information, and help you feed your B2B marketers with the right data to reach the right people.

If your B2B marketing team is looking for a way to improve your return on investment through personal connections that build relationships, as well as stand out from the online noise, contact us at Blue Valley Marketing. From improving data hygiene to developing a multi-channel marketing plan, we have the resources you need to improve your lead generation and conversion rates.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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