Lead Nurturing: How to Get More Leads Into the Sales Funnel

Telemarketing Leads to Improved Lead Nurturing

lead nurturingRegardless of how effective your promotional campaigns might be, you’re still going to have a percentage of potential customers who are not quite ready to enter the sales funnel. Experience shows that you shouldn’t give up on these leads. When lead nurturing is entered into the equation, these leads can turn out to be quite profitable.

The content marketing process wouldn’t be the success it is today without the lead nurturing component. In some cases, marketing and sales professionals work in tandem to ease the lead into a more accepting position, either through offering more content or incentives.

When you employ lead nurturing, you are effectively increasing the level of your relationship between your brand and your lead. However, you can’t use just any channel to reach out to these leads – it has to be proactive. The communication you have with your leads while you nurture them has to offer insights into their thinking. When you know how they feel about a specific piece of content or incentive, you will know what step to take next. This doesn’t happen very effectively in non-proactive channels like email and social media.

One of the best methods of lead nurturing involves telemarketing. An actual conversation takes place and you will know what specific white paper or case study might be more effective in informing them with content that will eventually put them in the sales funnel.

White papers, for instance, are excellent resources in keeping leads interested and engaged. When you are engaged with the lead through a telemarketing service, you’ll know when the time is right to lead them to a new white paper.

Lead-specific webinars are also an excellent way to nurture a lead and convince them to jump into the sales funnel. However, getting them interested in the webinar might take some finessing, which again is a perfect task for telemarketing. Telemarketers can talk up what will be covered in the webinar and entice your nurtured lead into signing up for it. Remember to include an industry expert in your webinar, but make sure they are from outside of your organization. This will help your lead build relationships with others in the industry.

You can also use telemarketing to find out what type of informative content your leads prefer. You can then pass this information along in the form of email. With a steady flow of emails continuously streaming to your leads, you’re educating them and prepping them for future sales action.

If you’re having trouble truly connecting to your leads, utilize the most proactive form of marketing there is – telemarketing. At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we know the power of nurturing leads and we’ve developed a system for getting your leads into the sales funnel. We utilize the best hardware, software and trained communicators to offer you an excellent return on your investment. Contact us today and find out how we’ll approach your needs.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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