Customer Development Through Telemarketing: The Best Bet

Have you discounted the effectiveness of bringing a telemarketing firm in to help with your B2B lead generation? If so, you’re making a mistake.

Sure, there are newer methods of generating leads, but regardless of how advanced the technology is, no marketing tool is as proactive or effective as telemarketing. If you’re looking for positive results in the shortest amount of time, telemarketing is the answer.

Some CRM companies question the methodology used by telemarketers, but the customer development perks will be realized by following just a few vital tips.

Telemarketing 1To start a robust telemarketing experience, you have to make sure you’re dialing the right person while using the technology that will make the process more efficient. Reputable telemarketing companies will have the best hardware and software on their side, which allows them to make more calls to the right numbers more often. They’ll also have a good list to choose from – one that has been vetted and worth your time.

Once you’re connected to the right person, you have to make certain your script is spot on. Most telemarketing companies will help you design more than one script, test each of them on a small audience, and implement the most effective script. You should also be able to utilize monitoring and recording tools that let you see how the campaign is working and then make changes in the script as needed.

Customer development goes much further than just delivering the right script to the right person – not everyone is ready to convert on that first call, which means you have to nurture them along the sales cycle and make judgments as to how willing you think they’ll be to buying.

What about understanding the problems your leads face? This is a vital component of customer development. You need to understand their fears and hang-ups before you’ll know how to truly reach them. Tailor solutions that will fit their needs and watch and then turn them into excellent B2B leads.

The sales nurturing process is a delicate song and dance, but it’s not a ruse. You need to feel out their wants and needs before you ask for their business. This is where telemarketing excels because the human-to-human contact, the conversation and the information shared back and forth offers insights that no other form of marketing can deliver.

The best telemarketing firms can identify B2B leads and other opportunities to help round out your sales pipeline and bolster your business growth opportunities. Unique opportunities are created through telemarketing, whether it’s B2B or B2C. No company can afford to send their sales reps door to door, which would unquestionably be the most effective method of developing leads. However, telemarketing is the next best thing, and it’s been proven time and time again. Regardless of what technological advances come next, nothing will unseat the power of telemarketing as a lead development tool.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that understands B2B lead generation. Customer development, event marketing, new business development, quality control and assurance, lead enhancement – these are just a handful of services we provide our clients. As a full-service telemarketing company, our solutions keep clients coming back again and again for a variety of needs as they develop.

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