3 Steps to Successful Lead Generation for Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security Lead Generation

Cyber security breaches are in the news every day. With more remote workers due to Covid-19 utilizing their home networking resources to access company assets, hackers see multiple vulnerabilities they can quickly attack. Your cyber security services are in demand, but you need a proactive approach to your new business development strategy and lead generation.

Since cyber security is a hot topic right now, companies across every industry, from the government (federal, state, and local) and energy to healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and the food industry, are in need of strong security to protect their data. Many small businesses that in the past may not have been on your radar as quality prospects are also looking for solutions that will keep their data systems safe and protect their business and livelihood.

Now is the time to get your name out there in front of as many potential customers as you can. Your sales team alone cannot reach out to a large pool of prospective customers. Moreover, asking them to update/clean the database and cold call to generate leads is not the best use of their time. Your sales team should focus on talking to qualified prospects (leads identified as actionable) and closing deals. You must take advantage of this increased interest in cyber security to ensure your competition will not beat you to it.

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Growing Need for Cyber Security Lead Generation

On average, there are 2,244 cyberattacks per day. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, that is a scary statistic. However, if you are a cyber security company, there are a lot of untapped potential clients. Companies with highly sensitive data, eCommerce spaces, and businesses that have digitized information are all in need of viable solutions for their security. 

Cyber security appeals to a specific subset of businesses and companies. You want to target those individuals in IT positions and the top brass in a company for lead generation

Remember that every organization has different levels of knowledge and needs when it comes to the subject of cyber security. Cyber security companies might find it challenging to make potential clients understand the need for secured data solutions. In many cases, clients don’t know that their security is at-risk, making you want to target them for your services. 

Finding leads requires reaching out to those decision-making individuals in the business or organization. You want to speak to someone that can and will give you a decisive answer. Here are some other factors that help with your lead generation. 

  • Identify your ideal and targeted customers
  • Segment your potential lead into groups with similar demographics
  • Start conversations with those decision-makers
  • Personalize the lead generation process
  • Create a powerful message that will outline a need for your services
  • Always run an A/B test and make tweaks to your campaign as needed 

There used to be the perception that only the Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies needed to worry about cyber security. But not anymore. A real estate company with only four employees got attacked and ended up with a very sizable ransom of over $100,000. Similar ransomware attacks cost a small business $25,000 to 45,000 per computer.

A small town on the East coast got their system locked up and were required to pay close to $250,000 in ransomware, which was money they did not have. These horror stories go on, with many companies and organizations who believed they were safe just because they were small. This is new and pervasive, and the attacks are primarily from outside of the country. Small businesses need to take action to protect themselves, and we can help you equip them to do that quickly and permanently.

In response, cyber security solution providers are more proactively marketing their services to meet the growing need, so the time is now for experienced cyber security companies like yours to gain traction in your market. Otherwise, you risk losing these critical opportunities to your competitors.

The definition of a client for cyber security companies is a lot broader today than it ever has been. There are probably millions of prospective clients to reach, educate and convert to clients so that they can enjoy protection from cyber attacks.

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Clients searching for cyber security solutions.
Clients searching for cyber security solutions.

Where To Start Your Search?

As the needs for safer environments and secure networks continue to grow, there is a need for cyber security. There are enormous opportunities for businesses and organizations to increase their market base. Some of the best options for prospecting include: 

  • Startups
  • Medical centers
  • Research and educational facilities
  • Firms that focus on digitizing their data
  • Private clients who want better security
  • Existing cyber security clients who want innovative solutions

Many companies rely on their already busy sales and marketing teams to generate leads, qualify them, and close the deal. But this is a process that needs to happen much more quickly than your sales team can manage before your competition outpaces your efforts. For cyber security solutions providers looking for lead generation strategies, there are three basic steps to growing your business:

1 ) Start with Clean Data

You likely have some lists and databases with potential leads, but you may need to engage in a data cleansing process to ensure that your contacts are valid. We are still dealing with the pandemic, and people lost jobs, moved, and with so many changes taking place, your date needs to be updated. The data doesn’t help your sales team if the information is incorrect. Data cleansing efforts result in accurate and actionable leads and help you effectively plan for growth.

The right contact center services provider will have options for providing you with targeted lists, developed with both humans and AI, with an assessment of Intent into those companies that allows you to get an accurate view of how likely the contact is to be a good fit with your company.

2) Qualify the Leads

You need to know whether companies are concerned about cyber security, whether they have plans to invest in a solution, and the timeline for that investment. A contact center services provider like Blue Valley Marketing can gather critical information for qualifying leads. Information can mean increased sales in a lagging economy that has not yet recovered from 18 months of slow to no business. This process takes more time than your sales team has available. They need to focus on working with qualified leads to close the sales, or your company will not achieve measurable and significant growth.

3) Turn “Hot” Leads Over to Sales

All too often, marketing and sales have different ideas of what counts as a lead. When Blue Valley provides the leads, your sales team will be equipped to set up a meeting with this warmed-up, actionable contact. Armed with critical information about decision-makers, budget, and timeline, sales reps will be informed and ready for the next step in the sales cycle.

Other Tips To Build Cyber Security Lead Generation

You can use other methods to build your client base. Think about asking for referrals. Where do you ask for these leads? Reach out to your old and new customers. Chances are if they are already using your services, they also know other clients who would require your services. 

Don’t stop there! Take some time to create digital product webinars that explain your services. Potential leads don’t just want to know what you can do for them, but they want you to show them. An informative video with a detailed explanation is an excellent way to reach new leads. 

Networking is a traditional way to connect with leads. You might want to “digitally” meet your clients online and focus on in-person events. Make sure to network with local businesses in your community. Some of these companies might not even realize that they need a cybersecurity solution for their business. 

Content marketing is a great way to gain exposure for your services and generate leads. Reach out to marketing writers and editors. You can hire an agency to write about your services and products. With crafted content, you can build those leads with paid campaigns and partnerships.

Content Market Can Help

A cyber security prospect is not like any other client. These leads will heavily research a company before they choose your services. In some cases, these clients understand threats and want to buy solutions. 

Content marketing can help you reach these potential leads. You should consider releasing case studies, white papers, and infographics to round out your marketing campaign. With educational content, you can form a passive lead generation strategy. These campaigns are vital for some industries, especially those offering cyber security solutions.

Those potential leads want to find the answers for their organizations. Many of these leads are looking for answers before starting the search for a cyber security firm. As a result, you want to be the firm that can provide solutions and services to these leads. 

Take this into consideration: most of the hard work is already done for you. The potential lead has completed most of the work before reaching out to your company. You just need to find these leads and close the deal

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Offer Free Audits

Everyone loves to get something for free. You can use that to your advantage by offering a free consultation or quote. These marketing methods are great because you can gain the client’s information and receive a free service. 

Complimentary quotes can help you build a rapport by offering valuable services with no expectation or commitment from a potential customer. The customers are more likely to choose a solution from the firm that reaches out to them first. The key is to teach these leads before someone else in the industry. 

With a free consultation session, you have the perfect option to build a relationship with the lead, discuss ideas, offer solutions, and qualify the prospect. If you can provide a free consultation or audit, that can help increase your exposure in the market. These freebies are great for attracting new clients. Plus, they can help establish your stance as a leader in the industry since you are willing to give out something of value for free to potential customers.

Cyber security leads can boost your business.
Cyber security leads can boost your business.

Choose a Lead Generation Specialist

If you are searching for a surefire way to get new leads for your cyber security company, consider outsourcing those lead generations to a third party like Blue Valley Marketing. These solutions are growing in popularity because it allows you to free up your valuable resources. In addition to that, you can focus on building services without struggling to find ways to reach out to leads. A professional lead generation specialist is the optimal option for those tech startups. 

In many cases, they cannot afford to hire staff members to focus on gathering leads solely. This specialist can create other marketing campaigns with lead generation, such as social media management and telemarketing. As a result, you will have a wider pool of potential leads

Over the years, cyber security has been a pressing need for many organizations and businesses, mainly as the future focuses on digitizing information. It is a critical time for cyber security companies to find leads and build their customer base. You can jumpstart your lead generation plan and connect with potential clients with these tips. 

Choose Blue Valley Marketing for Cyber Security Lead Generation

Blue Valley Marketing is U.S.-based. We have an advantage over contact centers with callers who have hard-to-understand accents. Your potential clients will trust the message because the messenger is someone they relate to.

Blue Valley Marketing has been in business since 1991, and we have seen and responded to every change imaginable. We understand what it takes to deliver a sale. There is not a market we don’t have successful experience in.

While markets change, people do not. Closing a sale requires trust between you and your customer, and there needs to be personal contact for there to be trusted. We can help make that connection initially and pass that trust to your sales executive. This trust is just something overseas call centers can’t provide.

Your pipeline is the future of your company, and we help make it the future you envision. 

This opportunity will be fleeting, so don’t miss your chance to gain new momentum in the cyber security solutions market. Don’t hesitate to call; we’re here to help you capitalize on this unusual and fast-paced opportunity for lead generation.

Do you need assistance in your data cleansing, lead qualification, and lead generation efforts? Contact us at Blue Valley Marketing to help assist with your cyber security lead generation.

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