SEO Provides Marketing Value

Whether it’s the everyday consumer or a buyer in the B2B space, access to quality content prior to a purchase is very important. Purchasing decisions aren’t made lightly, especially in the wake of the recession, which means companies have to be really smart about how they market themselves, their services and products.

A study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council spells out how content is consumed. Most consumers make smart decisions by staying informed about the latest and greatest technologies, become familiar with the various suppliers of the products that interest them most and glean as many insights they can from a wide spectrum of sources. In order to gain as much exposure as possible, B2B marketers need to maximize their content marketing campaigns to hit as many of these sources as possible.

SEO 7Buyers are looking for a neutral party to gain their information. Therefore, the goal for most marketers is to get their SEO information out to as many social media sites in the most neutral form possible. Most buyers (nearly 70 percent) don’t start their buying process by calling a salesperson; they get on their favorite search engine, type in keywords and read what comes up.

A report from Pardot says that 72 percent of buyers will go to Google to make their first searchers in the buying process. About 15 percent will utilize personal networks to gain insights while around two percent will seek out information on social networks.

This proves that the amount of thought you put into your keywords in SEO marketing is really important. Furthermore, some publishers will recommend at least 12 blog posts that are specifically built for viral marketing and social media sites. You’ll see even better results if you can add a couple of videos that feature an interview, three articles at around the 3,000 word mark that discusses extensive research and two infographics for the visually inclined.

Due to advances in technology and the amount of time people are spending on the Web, there are a lot of publishers looking toward SEO and SEM as cost-saving marketing opportunities. In fact, many consider ignoring SEO and SEM to a good way to miss a great opportunity at driving more traffic to the company website.

SEO has its place, for sure, but the multi-targeted approach to generating leads should include email marketing, event marketing and outbound sales.

While circulators and publishers consider all their options and give every channel its share of attention, the tried and true method of marketing continues to be telemarketing, especially in audience development.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is adept at taking a prospect and turning it into a verified purchasing authority, also known as a lead. Only organizations with business development expertise can pull this off on a consistent basis. Blue Valley professionals know the importance of focusing on the pre-sales process that produces qualified leads. Using the latest teleservices technology, Blue Valley professionals offer an excellent return on investment while delivering results.

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