Common Misconceptions Publishers Have About the Opportunities From Lead Generation

Four common misconceptions often play a role in convincing a publisher not to do lead generation for clients.

Publishers considering lead generation campaigns for their advertising clients often find that they are battling against formidable forces. The biggest threat to their ability to create a successful and profitable lead generation campaign for their adverting clients is a set of common misconceptions that prevents many from ever taking shape. Let’s visit each of these misconceptions and talk about the realities for your business that can lead to a successful and profitable lead generation campaign.

Misconception #1: A lead generation solution is too expensive to implement.

Your lead generation solution must become a profit center for you, PERIOD!

If you are not offering your advertisers leads, or if you do, but you do not charge for them, you are missing a great opportunity for a new profit center, as well as measures that will increase your client’s loyalty to your brands.

Lead generation is not only cost-effective, but an opportunity the sales team and the executive branch see as a new profit center, rather than a cost center.  Whether you have a large audience or a narrowly defined niche B2B publication, you can help yourself by helping your advertisers.  For more on this, read our blog B2B Publishers, Turn your Data into Dollars

If you are presently billing for leads you are generating using digital marketing efforts, consider Blue Valley Marketing to expand the number, quality and overall value of these leads to grow your company revenue.

Blue Valley Marketing performance-based programs assure you the highest return on investment.  We offer a very cost-effective way to develop new business opportunities for your clients’ sales and marketing teams. You have the data containing the best target audience your advertisers want to engage with.  Blue Valley simply ensures to locate the actionable leads, people who have a need and are open to connect directly with your advertisers.

Misconception #2: Publishers should avoid selling lead generation on a performance basis because they risk losing money and it forces them to give up control.

Developing a lead generation program does not require you to give up control; you gain control by tying the investment to results in a way that delivers a solid ROI.

At Blue Valley Marketing we have created a performance-based lead generation model that produced the highest return on investment (like in this 450% ROI example). The program utilized a spectrum of lead quality connected to payments, with a non-lead requiring no payment and a highly qualified lead (BANT) paying as much as $150 per record.

 Misconception #3: A lead generation solution will require a full team of managers, designers or developers.

This is a common misconception, but what lead generation truly requires is a shift in mindset to a cohesive effort between your sales, marketing and opportunity development teams. These teams working together defining the lead and identify the different levels of lead quality/costs.  Your sales team does the selling (which they presently do anyway), Blue Valley Marketing does the rest.

 Misconception #4: It’s too challenging to support the different needs of clients when it comes to how they would like to receive data.

Blue Valley Marketing helps further your trusted relationship with your clients by understanding their preferences and needs. We can customize database formats, prioritizing the information most important to them and developing a clear understanding of how they use data.

We can develop client-specific reporting, creating campaign-wide performance metrics as well as granular analysis of individual customers.  Leads are delivered in real, time, daily, weekly or upon request, YOU decide.

 We Deliver The Data-Centered Lead Generation Program Your Advertisers Want

Every one of your advertising clients has a sales team begging for leads. And most of your clients do not have a system in place to deliver those leads from qualified data.

Sales professionals are reluctant to make one cold call after another, and particularly in the current environment, they are struggling to believe that leads they see in databases might translate to sales.

In short, your clients need your help. What if you could offer a novel approach to lead generation that translated to a significant improvement to their return on investment for lead generation?

Just how significant, you might ask. If you consider the details of our Blue Valley Marketing case study, you’ll find that there’s a possibility of a return on investment of more than 450%. But you can’t get to that kind of return with the same old approaches to lead generation.

You’ve likely sat in meetings recently, discussing how to provide meaningful value to your advertisers in a challenging business environment. Developing a lead generation program with a staggering 450% ROI is a good start.

Schedule a meeting today to learn in more detail about how publishers have been generating millions of dollars as a result of our lead generation solution, all customized specifically for the needs of our clients in the publishing industry, contact us at Blue Valley Marketing.


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