Lead Generation Techniques That Work

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

A successful lead development strategy is the result of a number of aspects that tie together to produce a positive outcome. A recent report regarding lead generation campaigns sheds some light on multi-faceted strategies that work.

B2B 1The report discusses B2B marketing lead generation goals and spells the most important lead-gen metrics that marketers should be watching for; lead nurturing techniques that work best when partnered with demand-gen content marketing; forecasts for 2014 and the various speed bumps that marketers when establishing lead development strategies.

What are the biggest obstacles marketers face when trying to put together a lead development strategy? According to the report, 63 percent of marketers surveyed said the biggest obstacle is the lack of resources. The accuracy of their database was the second most common problem with 44 percent saying it was an issue.

Twenty-seven percent said poor communications between the sales and marketing staff hampered their results. Twenty-five percent said their outdated technology wasn’t meeting their needs and 15 percent said they have no understanding of their customer needs.

More and more marketers are getting involved in lead-gen adoption. Just over 80 percent said they have moderate (at the least) participation in lead-gen adoption. Last year, that number was at 74 percent. While marketers who have fully adopted lead-gen see the benefit and have no question of its worth, the practice is not universal. By looking at what peers have done with B2B marketing and lead-gen campaigns, they can get more out of their efforts.

Another B2B trend is to nurture leads. Not every telemarketing call needs to end in a conversion. Each and every call can be used to gather more information to improve campaigns and to nurture leads. While telemarketing is one of the most efficient ways to find success in nurturing methods, email campaigns can also be implemented. Nurturing can also include providing access to white papers and thought leadership content.

Lead development and content marketing strategies, especially in the B2B environment, can be used to drive leads in the right direction. The goal is to have the sales side fully equipped with leads that are ready. Targeting content, segmenting and fully evaluating lead-gen programs can ensure that sales are handed the highest quality leads.

You can’t rule out metrics. In fact, measuring the right data can help lead-gen efforts. Metrics such as ROI, customer lifetime value, sales-accepted leads, lead scores, cost per lead and closing rates are all metrics that have value. Aligning sales and marketing in the metrics analytics is important because this partnership will provide a more accurate measure of lead scoring, lead volumes and targeted closing rates.

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