Effective Strategies for Lead Generation

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Webinars and Telemarketing Function in Tandem Toward Solid Lead Generation

lead generationYour B2B outreach efforts in 2016 need to be strong. The year has had a shaky market beginning and for the foreseeable future buyers will be cautious. The time and money you invest in lead generation needs to hold the greatest promise of concluding in an actual sale. By partnering broad webinar efforts with person-to-person telemarketing you can expect to see solid results.

The Demand Gen Report Benchmark Study (2015) found that 73 percent of business marketers feel that webinars offer the greatest effectiveness toward lead generation. Another 65 percent of them say that webinars are useful in influencing leads throughout the sales process. The study findings reflect what other researchers say are the new normal in purchasing.

One of the top trends for B2B marketers is the move toward pre-purchase online research. Modern buyers spend a significant amount of time investigating on their own before they make a buying decision. Webinars suit these current buying practices where customers prefer to self-educate. If you can leverage the power of webinars in lead generation, you will be in a good position to convert attendees into customers. So, how can you effectively leverage the webinar?


Webinars typically require a registration page. This page gives you the contact information you need to pursue potential customers. However, if you demand too much information, customers may jump ship. The truth is, you only need a few fields of information to develop a solid contact. Make it easy for your webinar attendees to register by asking for the bare minimum. You can get further information on your own with the first foundational facts to use as a roadmap.

Meet Needs

It may seem obvious, but webinars are not only for entry-level lead generation. If you provide information appropriate to each phase of the buying cycle you can move your leads smoothly through the process. For example, demonstration webinars work well as initial contact points, but you’ll maintain contact when you provide other kinds of information (e.g. solutions, thought leadership) to keep them coming back.

Get Personal

Webinars are highly effective in terms of broadcast outreach, but you know that sales always come down to a one-on-one interaction. Telemarketing helps you transition well from the wide approach to the personal one. Telemarketing can offer follow-up services that serve your lead generation efforts and partner well with webinar contacts. Calling isn’t only about pressuring potential clients to make an on-the-spot decision. Phone professionals can provide industry-specific information to your leads, can more effectively target later contact or provide insight into buying timeline data.

Blue Valley Telemarketing works with national B2B companies to provide a menu of lead generation and follow-up services. We offer support for your other marketing efforts to strengthen their end result. You need to focus efforts and dollars where they produce the greatest yield. Research shows that telemarketing plus information-rich webinars has a proven sales record. Contact Blue Valley and find out how we can effectively partner with your current marketing strategy.

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