Telemarketing Puts the Personal Touch on Data-Driven Marketing

Reaching out to your target audience requires data. You use the data to decipher exactly what it is that your target audience wants and then you mold your efforts to suit those wants. This has been the focus of B2B marketing for years.

You’ve probably used the word “nurturing” to describe your efforts to build a target audience into a group that buys what you’re selling. Taking advantage of integrated CRM and other tools at your disposal helps you nail down your customer list, educate them and nurture them in the direction of a sale.

Data driven marketing is an excellent way to help you predict what your customers are going to need now and in the near future. However, are you making your transactions as personal as possible? Diving into the data might be a solitary task, but once you’ve come out of the heaps of data with actionable strategies, you need to implement them with a personal touch.

All businesses, big and small, want to talk to real people when they’re in the midst of a transaction. Capturing leads centers on your ability to make connections, which is easiest done in person. However, face-to-face interactions are extremely time consuming and expensive, so the next best method is via telephone.

Using telemarketing as a means to capture leads is not an easy process. For instance, if your telemarketing team isn’t set up properly, you’ll see too many calls going to voicemail. These calls, surprisingly, are never returned, which means you’re going to see your telemarketing efforts fall flat.

Telemarketing services from a professional telemarketing group will help you do a lot more than make more successful inbound and outbound calls. A full-service campaign provider will give you assistance in brand development and market research. Database clean-up and enhancement is another service they provide, which is obviously important as you delve into data mining. Your lead lists also need a good scrubbing from time to time, which is something a full-service telemarketing agency can offer you.

In-house attempts at telemarketing are often complete failures. The in-house teams are mostly underequipped and undertrained. Telemarketing does put the human touch to work for you, but it involves a lot of technology, such as call reporting, call monitoring, auto-dialing technology and a variety of tools that help managers gain complete visibility into a marketing campaign.

What you’re trying to achieve in your campaign is a reasonable conversion rate that is also cost effective. Contracting with a professional telemarketing agency will bring you an excellent return on your investment. Furthermore, your in-house attempts at telemarketing are no match for what the professionals can bring to the table.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that can give you all the services you require to make a campaign completely successful. From customer development to lead development, reporting to event marketing, appointment setting to database clean up – BlueValley is the one-stop shop for B2B marketing.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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