Mining Customer Intelligence and Maximizing Marketing Research

Telemarketing 1Marketing research involves analyzing customer data. Some marketers refer to this as customer intelligence. When you have an abundance of customer intelligence, you have the ammunition you need to improve customer relationships. The end result is often better customer loyalty, more sales and more profits.

When organizations are paired with right telemarketers who know how to drill down on customer data, they’re not only having better success in sales – they’re getting information on what customers want in future products/services, which helps drive the future of the organization’s production.

Customer intelligence is so important, many organizations have used the Internet to give them a boost in gaining more insight into customer behavior. For instance, some companies will offer web-based tools to their clients, which the use for any number of transactions, from checking their account balances, making orders, tracking shipments or make other inquiries. Over a very short period of time, these customer interactions offer a mass of customer data that leaves a trail of their behaviors and interactions with the company.

Marketing research involves drilling into this data and pulling out everything possible to better cater to the public.

Another means of mining customer intelligence is by going beyond the existing customers and looking at public discussions to glean more information. By studying word algorithms that search engines use, organizations within any industry can look at Web discussions and draw upon any number of conversations to see how the general public is discussing topics. When the keywords used in the searches that lead to these discussion threads is revealed, companies can use the same keywords in their online content to draw more traffic to their websites.

With an abundance of marketing research at their fingertips, telemarketers can reach out to the most likely to be interested by the product/service being offered in the campaign. Unfortunately, despite the best attempts of the marketers, the message in the campaign doesn’t always hit the sweet spot and the expected results aren’t coming through. When this happens, the best telemarketing agencies will review their reporting to see where the campaign is falling flat.

When analyzing the reports generated, telemarketing personnel are able to determine if the script needs to be tweaked or if the call list is not qualified for the subject of the campaign. This allows changes to be made during the campaign and for it to avoid potential disaster. Furthermore, call monitoring is often used to make sure the campaign is being represented correctly.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has the tools that companies rely on to deliver a better return on investment. Customer development is a specialty at Blue Valley where we focus on the data to bring every campaign to a successful end. Our pre-sales process helps to exclude all the prospective leads that have no place in your campaign. This requires a type of discipline that not all telemarketers possess. Bring Blue Valley Telemarketing to the table and watch your marketing research come to a better end.

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