Knowing When to Offer the Cross Sell Takes Expertise

The upsell and cross sell are generally two propositions that people don’t want to listen to. In fact, they’ll take that time to think of a polite way to end the call quickly. AchieveGlobal’s survey on the matter revealed that around 40 percent of respondents actually get annoyed during these interactions.

There is something for the consumer to gain during a cross sell or upsell, but only if it really applied to them. Unfortunately, you probably have few chances to offer them a personalized cross sell pitch because most interactions are taking place online. This means that when you do have the opportunity to cross sell, you need to make sure you’re doing it right and not being annoying.

To appropriately cross sell, you need to listen for cues and clues. You need to listen and figure out if this person or business is right for what you’re pitching. You’re trying to fill a need, no create one. The goal shouldn’t be to make money off someone who might not need your services; it should be to give your customer base what it wants. That’s what the cross sell is all about.

If you want to make a successful attempt at cross selling, you need to prove that what you’re offering has value attached to it. The cross sell should come at such a value that the prospect will see it as a convenience or prestigious rather than an added expense.

It takes a professional to pull off the cross sell because you need to pay very close attention to context and have the talent of timing. For instance, would you try to cross sell to a person who is calling about something that has upset them? The last thing they want to do is consider spending more money on your product. Perhaps you’ll get a chance the next time they call and their attitude is more placid. In most cases, the end of the conversation is the best time to either pull the trigger and pitch your cross sell or assess from your conversation that the contact shouldn’t be bothered with your pitch at this moment.

Some tactics involve using email. For instance, you’ve had a conversation and didn’t offer a cross sell because it didn’t quite seem appropriate. However, your contact has had a moment to digest the conversation and you shoot them a quick email to alert them to a product or service that you are fairly certain would interest them. This shows that you’ve thought about them after the conversation and want to provide them with a service that would benefit them.

When you partner with a professional telemarketing service like Blue Valley Telemarketing, you’ll have experts working on your campaigns who know all about timing and context. The experts at Blue Valley have the tools and the training to run an effective campaign that can identify exactly who deserves the cross sell pitch and who doesn’t.

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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