Telemarketing Can Improve Webinar Attendance

Proactive Channels Like Telemarketing Offer Results

telemarketingWebinars are an excellent way to impress upon your target audience the relevance, importance and/or usability of your products or services. However, the best-planned webinars are of no use if you can’t get your target audience to join in. In addition to including telemarketing as part of your strategy, here are a few tips to achieve higher attendance.

Offer Incentives

The addition of a prize drawing will entice a higher number of people to your webinar. Make an investment in this prize and see your attendance rates improve accordingly. The prize fits your audience. For instance, tech-centered organizations could choose the new Apple Watch as the grand prize. You could also consider an item or items that is directly related to the webinar’s topic.

Make it a Communal Affair

Your webinar should bring together like minds and give them opportunities to interact. You can use social media as a catalyst to get the ball rolling. For instance, you could host a live Twitter chat during the event, which would keep everyone engaged and connected. Start a LinkedIn group where everyone can get access to all the slides and reference materials you use during the webinar.

All Access

Live events are great because they involve face-to-face communication, which is the most proactive and strongest selling channel available. Unfortunately, these are expensive and difficult to schedule. Your webinar can be almost as inclusive as a live event when you give attendees access to speakers. Your speakers will have excellent materials that they present during the webinar, but there is more they can offer by communicating directly with individual attendees. Offer a Q&A session that will give attendees a chance to ask specific questions that drill deeper into a variety of subjects.

Use Telemarketing

When it comes to promoting your webinar, you really need to impress upon potential attendees what they’ll get out of taking part. The best way to do this is to have an actual conversation, and the best channel for a conversation is telemarketing. Telemarketing’s strength is in its human touch. Telemarketers are expert communicators and they know how to guide a conversation. The right call campaign can significantly improve interest in your webinar.

Send Out Reminders

You need to stay on top of your potential attendees to make sure they actually participate in the webinar. Again, you can utilize telemarketing to remind them that the webinar is coming up. The telemarketer with the right technology can do this in a cost effective manner, that spells out the particulars, such as time, date and place. Furthermore, an email can also be utilized to offer further instructions if needed.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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