Marketing for Small Businesses: Why Telemarketing Works

Get Proactive in Your Strategy for Marketing for Small Businesses

marketing for small businessesFor a majority of entrepreneurs, the marketing aspect of their business is challenging. Marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to include bringing in a large marketing firm, but the inclusion of a telemarketing provider is a step in the right direction.

Whether you are planning a marketing strategy for a single small business or an entire group of them, getting your marketing game right is important. Here are some tips on how to get there.

  • Know why people are buying what they’re buying. Many refer to this as the “buy trigger.” Seasonal purchases are among the easiest to figure out, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, back to school or other special days when consumers are more willing than ever to part with their money. However, to trigger that purchase more often, try connecting to your target audience on a different level. One of the most proactive means is through telemarketing.
  • Know who is doing the buying. When you know who the target audience is, your marketing strategy becomes a great deal easier to plan. One of the best ways to tackle a lead development campaign is through telemarketing. Long lists of potential buyers can be segmented and communicated to in a way that really matters.
  • Who influences buyers the most? When it comes to B2B, getting in contact with the decision makers is of vital importance. Marketing for small businesses can be really difficult because not every business owner will know whom they need to contact. When you connect with a reputable telemarketing firm, you’ll have better access to decision makers and it will show in your profits.
  • How are your customers finding out about you? It’s important to know which channels are working the best to inform your customers. Social media is an excellent way to build a community and build up your brand. Email is a cost-effective option for hitting a large amount of people with information at once. However, the most proactive channel is telemarketing, so make sure you’re integrating it into your multi-channel strategy, and make sure your message is consistent across channels.

Marketing for small businesses requires some finessing that isn’t always available in certain channels. For instance, using telemarketing, businesses can connect with clients and potential clients, have a conversation and learn about customer behaviors, wants and needs. This information can be relayed back to the company where everything from marketing to product development can act on it.

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