The Technology and Processes Behind the Success of Telemarketing Interviewing

If you still aren’t ready to invest in telemarketing as a means of getting better leads or more leads, gaining marketing insights or simply making more sales, you should consider the technology and processes that telemarketers use to bring you far more than you can by yourself.

The reason so many companies see such an excellent return on their investment is dueTelemarketing 5 to technological advances that have brought us such things as the predictive dialer – a tool that every reputable telemarketing company will use. Not only can the dialer provide efficiencies that help control costs, it is also being used as a customer service tool. Telemarketers know their calls aren’t always welcomed in their outgoing dialing efforts, but it gets especially frustrating if the telemarketer is using equipment that gives the person on the other end a silent line when they answer. The predictive dialer will immediately connect a live agent to the person being called, offering a more pleasant experience for all.

Once a reputable and well-trained telemarketer has a consumer on the line, they’ll be armed with the most effective words that will engage the consumer’s interests. Most people will know within a few seconds of the call whether or not they’ll be interested in the product/service or start thinking of ways to get off the line. The best telemarketers will produce the best scripts that speak to consumers and advance the sales cycle.

Telephone interviewing isn’t all about sales. It’s during the conversation between the telemarketer and the consumer that the sales attempt is made, but there is actually so much more going on. Today, every company is interested in big data. Why? Because analyzing data is an important part of the marketing process. Telephone interviewing gives you the opportunity to find out why a consumer is interested or not interested in the product, what products they are interested in and who is getting their business instead of you. With proper telephone interviewing techniques, you can find out what you’re doing wrong and come up with ideas for future products/services. Furthermore, telephone interviewing is an excellent way to nurture leads.

Telemarketing teams that focus on results rather than statistics and numbers are able to capture more interest. For instance, there is probably a lot of stats and numbers thrown around in your weekly meetings; how long does it take for your attention to drift off to other things you’ve got planned for that day? When a consumer is presented with stats and numbers, they don’t just drift off they hang up. Professional telemarketers will focus on results and keep the interest of the consumer throughout the conversation.

One of the biggest obstacles for the average telemarketer is the “do not call list.” There has never been a more important time in telemarketing than now to focus on building up lasting relationships so you don’t have as much pressure dealing with fewer resources.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has harnessed the power of the tools available to the telemarketing industry, but it has also learned to engage customers through telemarketing interviewing using scripts and the knowledge they have of the market. For a full service telemarketing approach, contact us today and learn all the ways we can service your company.

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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