Outsourced Telemarketing Aids in Marketing Research

Telemarketing 4Marketing research is an ongoing process of gaining the information you need to better position your company for current and future products/services. One of the best methods of gaining insights into the thinking of your target base is to outsource telemarketing efforts.

You might think your in-house team has all the knowledge and tools for the job, but you’d be surprised at the number of mistakes that are made and opportunities missed compared to what you’ll gain with a professional, outsourced telemarketing group.

Many telemarketing efforts are focused on advancing your target market through the sales cycle. However, a professional telemarketing team will use every opportunity to extract data that can be used at a later date. This is what many companies making in-house telemarketing efforts will miss in their marketing research strategy. Since most calls don’t result in an appointment or considerable interest in what you’re pitching, there is data to be gained that can help in marketing research efforts.

When you decide it’s time to outsource to a professional, full consideration of what each of your finalists has to offer will yield better results in the long run. Make sure the telemarketing firm you’re considering is able to work with different scripts and assign different target markets to multiple teams.

Your outsourced team of telemarketers should be able to track why your product/service is getting rejected. Rejection doesn’t have to equal garbage. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn how you can do your job better. While the main goal is to make as many sales in as few calls as possible, there is value to be had in rejection.

Unlike other types of marketing, telemarketing gives you the opportunity to learn where your target market is going to do business rather than with you. Analyzing who goes where for what and then looking at what your competition is offering can give you insights that will improve how you approach your processes. Telemarketing is also a good tool to use to gauge if your product or services are simply losing the interest of your target market.

Perhaps the most valuable thing learned when telemarketing is used to reach out to your target market is that you will become alerted to what people want. When it comes to product development, companies that are in tune with their target market have the information they need to mold their products and services around those wants. The alternative is creating a product and then trying to convince consumers it’s something they want or need, which is a much more difficult and costly prospect.

Getting the most out of your outsourced telemarketing firm is important, so if you want to see an excellent return on investment, consider going with Blue Valley Telemarketing. We have a proven track record of reducing acquisition costs while increasing subscription conversion and delivering actionable leads. We have the staff and tools to allow your company to see what your target market is interested in, what you can do better and how your next product launch will speak directly to your consumers.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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