Reactivations Made Easy Through Telemarketing

Telemarketing 9Any business owner can tell you that acquiring new business is far more expensive than keeping a current customer coming back for more business. The same is true of donors and subscribers – acquiring new ones is less cost effective than getting your previous donors and subscribers to make another commitment to your cause/publication. Marketers know this better than anyone.

For marketers, reactivations and retention are two words that rank high in their lexicon. If you’re a marketer raising money for a benefit, you might prefer to get the attention of your prospects through direct mail. Maybe you’re integrating campaigns through social media channels. Or, perhaps you’re invested in email campaigns and other, more traditional methods of campaigning. However, one of the most proactive methods of getting reactivations continues to be telemarketing.

At some point, you’re going to have donors or subscribers who no longer respond to your email or your direct mail campaign. What many organizations have done to address this issue is to bring in a telemarketing firm to reach out to these people and have a conversation with them about their decision to stop receiving your publication and what it might take to get reactivations out of them.

Using a multi-channel strategy makes great sense, but the best campaigns are integrating telemarketing.

When an email campaign goes unanswered, you’re left with no idea why involvement in your publication or charity has ceased. However, with telemarketing, agents can get that information out of them. Even if your former subscriber decides not to reactivate, you come away with valuable information you can use to prevent others from stepping away from what you’re offering.

One organization put it to a test. They split their prospects into three groups, one that would receive only mail, another that was sent mail and called and a third that was placed into an integrated campaign that included an introductory appeal, 60 days of telemarketing calls and a final appeal. Can you guess which one succeeded? Yes, it was the integrated campaign.

Telemarketing is one of the best ways to nurture a prospect into a positive outcome. If you’re like other marketers, you have your eye on ROI. While telemarketing may not be as inexpensive as email marketing or bringing social media channels into the strategy – it’s definitely going to bring a positive ROI.

When you have a dedicated team of telemarketers working on your publisher campaign, you can rest assured that attention to details will be a top priority. The top telemarketing firms use only the latest technology to keep your costs low and your retention high.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we know about how to reduce your acquisition costs and increase subscription conversion. We are also highly adept at generating actionable leads. If you’re considering bringing a telemarketing firm into your campaign, don’t hesitate any longer. Call us today and start receiving higher reactivation rates.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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