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Most business start ups reach a point soon after opening their doors where they need to increase the amount of traffic coming in and out – they want to increase business and see more profits. The first thing that pops into most business owners’ minds is advertising. One of the best forms of advertising is through a telemarketing campaign combined with a direct mail initiative.

If you want to reach out to customers who’ve already done business with you, prospective customers and get started on lead generation, the direct mail piece is a good option. However, it has a much more dramatic effect if you employ telemarketing in your advertising campaign as well. You’re probably thinking you can pull off the telemarketing using in-house resources, but think again; telemarketing is best left to the professionals. In fact, you could do damage to your brand if you don’t pull off the telemarketing piece correctly.

Choosing a professional telemarketing firm doesn’t mean you don’t take part in the planning – you have to plan the campaign carefully, both the telemarketing and the direct mail segment of the campaign. First, look at your budget and determine how big or small you need to keep your project. Once you’ve determined the scope of the campaign, zero in on your target audience and develop a message that will impact them. If you have a clear call-to-action statement, your direct mail piece will entice your leads and progress them in the sales cycle.

What marketers have known for decades is that telemarketing is one of the most effective, proactive means of interacting with consumers, clients and prospects. This is why multi-channel campaigns that use direct mail, email, social media and company websites will also bring in telemarketing to ensure a positive advertising campaign with an excellent return on investment.

Telemarketing is also a cost effective way to generate more sales appointments and bring new sales leads into the mix. Companies are becoming more customer-centric today, which is accomplished by learning as much as possible about the customer. Telemarketing is one way to gather this information through telephone surveys that connect the wants and needs of the client to the people in the organization who can deliver on those wants and needs.

If you partner with the right telemarketing firm, you’ll have access to the best agents who are equipped with the latest and greatest tools to bring you a better return on investment. Pick a firm that offers call monitoring and call recording so you can keep tabs on your campaign and ensure that it’s being handled properly.

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