An Action Plan to Kick Start Your Telemarketing Campaign

Telemarketing 11Telemarketing is the key player in any initiative to drive more sales, but without a reasonable plan, you’re not going to get full value out of your telemarketing efforts. What steps do you need to take to ensure you’re getting an excellent return on investment?

Your action plan should begin with a set of goals. Every strategy needs to include goals that can be monitored and measured. When you have goals by which you monitor your success, you’ll know where to make improvements as they are needed.

The second most important aspect of an action plan is establishing your target market. The easiest campaigns reach out to current clients. You already know their interests and have a record of their buying habits, which means you know what they want, how much they’re willing to spend and when they are most keen to make a purchase. Offering your current clients something new is a bit trickier, but still highly possible. A more difficult task is reaching out to a new audience, regardless of how new or old the product you’re offering might be.

If you’re trying to branch out to a new audience, you will require more data on this new market to include in your action plan. You have to account for a more cumbersome experience in this process and make sure your goals are reasonable where the new audience is concerned. Your offer or script has to be perfectly stated if you’re going to gain their interest. Telemarketing is the best method to gain that interest.

Unlike other forms of marketing or sales, the telemarketing process is proactive. You use live agents to provide information to your prospective clients, you gather information while you have them on the line and you can answer questions that will further them along in the sales cycle.

If the call progresses into a sales opportunity, you have to be prepared for such an occurrence in your action plan. The agent must be ready to schedule a follow-up call if the target needs to consider the offer. Furthermore, the agent must have the capacity to listen to the prospective client’s objections and offer an informative rebuttal. This means the agent must be extremely knowledgeable about what’s being offered.

If you’re going to bring a telemarketing firm into the mix, make sure the firm’s agents are excellent communicators. You have to remember that while telemarketing can be an extremely valuable tool, it’s only as good as the communicator. The buyer can’t see gestures or pick up cues from body language, which is why the agents must have the ability to fully express themselves verbally.

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