Improve Sales Productivity Through Telemarketing

Telemarketing 1Nothing is more effective than a face-to-face sales interaction. However, any company that relies solely on this method of sales is not going to be around long due to the time and expense of the interaction. We’ve become a global society, which means consumers aren’t necessarily in our immediate community – they can be across an ocean. Thanks to telemarketing we’re connecting to consumers far and wide.

Telemarketing isn’t all about sales – it’s also an effective lead generation tool that has proven itself time and time again. A professional telemarketing agency can develop a program that compiles lists and updates them regularly to make sure they are qualified. It’s after this process that the list is passed on to sales reps to take another step forward in the sales cycle.

Some telemarketing campaigns include a wave of calls that are simply to determine how much interest the target has in a product or service. They might also make initial calls to verify information already in the list, such as email address, home address, etc. These are fairly quick and easy calls to make, but are vital if the sales reps are going to have the best chance at qualified leads.

Lead Generation campaigns also give you insights into individual prospects – you can listen to their reasoning behind rejecting your product or service, you can also listen to their concerns and pass on the information to people within the company who can make changes that answers those concerns. In fact, lead generation programs are actually highly effective marketing tools that offer many valuable insights.

We’ve established that telemarketing adds value to the lead generation process and the sales process, but it also has value in disseminating information to a target audience. Some telemarketers specialize in establishing hotlines where the agent simply takes inbound calls and answers questions.

Telemarketing is an extremely proactive method of doing business and it offers the type of return on investment that companies insist on seeing today. Not all telemarketers are built the same. You need to pick one that has the latest hardware and software at their disposal. You also want to partner with a telemarketing agency that can deliver new business development, brand development and demographic and interest based lead generation services.

With the right telemarketing company, you will see new clients and more business with existing clients. You can complete surveys and run competitive analysis with the data you gain from your campaigns. Find an agency that is willing to work with you and deliver on all your needs. Insist on a consistent flow of reports that will offer you insights into your campaign.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we can deliver on all of these items and more. We have the professional staff on hand who have received the best training and can communicate clearly and effectively with your target audience. To find out more about what we have to offer, contact us today.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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