Reactivation: Gaining Back Your Customers

Utilizing Telemarketing for Reactivation Efforts

reactivationWhile efforts to pull in new customers should always be a priority in your marketing strategy; it is important for every organization to also focus on the reactivation of old customers. It’s less costly to bring back old customers than to attract new ones but you must be strategic in your plans to retain customers. A few important steps in retention include:

  • To keep attrition from becoming an issue for your organization, watch it closely. Every effort should be made to keep track of current customers and if they’ve lapsed.
  • Once you’ve identified customers who are slipping through the cracks, you need to take careful measurements of their behavior. For instance, track and report on your email metrics, click-throughs, orders and sales.
  • Take careful measurements of your reactivation rates.

Break your lapsed customers down into segments so you can better understand all of them. Every customer should have a different profile, but some will be more similar to others. Reach out to each of these segments with a fitting message that will speak to them as individuals. The length of time between their lapses will determine what language you use to bring them back into reactivation.

Be careful not to overuse the same language. The overarching theme will be that “we want you back,” but there are different ways to say it, and there are different channels through which you will need to send out this message. A popular line with reactivation attempts is, “we haven’t heard from you for a long time,” which is then followed by a pitch. Get creative and think of new ways to say the same thing. And make sure your pitch is offering them something they want.

Are you using telemarketing in your attempts to reactivate customers? To ignore this valuable channel is to risk losing out on the human touch, which is the most proactive means of staying engaged with your customers. Reactivation campaigns that use telemarketing can offer an excellent return on investment. The reason it’s so effective is because highly skilled agents communicate effectively with your clients in a way that offers more insights than any other channel.

It’s through the power of conversation that you unlock your company’s true potential. Telemarketing, which has been around for many decades, might seem to some like a tired channel. They prefer to go with advanced social media marketing techniques to reactivate their customers, but they’re missing out on a method that does more than increase sales – it offers insights that can help shape the direction of your company.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company fully focused on offering an excellent communication tool to our clients. We know how to engage your customers, and we can help you develop a content campaign that builds up quality leads and reactivates long-forgotten about clients who only need to be engaged with our services to come back to you. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your options for reactivation.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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