Lead Scoring: Where to Find Value in Potential Buyers

How Lead Scoring Improves the Sales Process

The worst sales tactics are those that do nothing to qualify leads. To combat underwhelminglead scoring outcomes, organizations are beginning to pay more attention to lead scoring. What is your marketing team doing to score leads, and what channels are you employing to get the job done right?

Lead scoring isn’t easy. In fact, inbound marketing efforts often attract a massive amount of leads, but separating the good from the bad is a process that not every marketer or sales team is equipped to handle. Lead management strategies, including lead scoring, are essential to weeding out the bad and focusing further efforts on the good.

Lead scoring essentially attaches values to every lead. The value is sometimes based on the behaviors of the leads and their professional information. One of the most common ways of scoring a lead today is by looking at how they navigated your website. Did they leave items in the shopping cart? How many seconds did they spend on each page? These are questions that can help you get to the bottom of a lead’s value.

When you set out on a lead scoring project, remember that you’re trying to reduce the amount of time your sales team spends contacting prospects that have low interest in what you’re pushing. Marketers will often set point values on their leads to help them focus on only the highest positioned leads. Keep in mind though that leads can change their activity on any given day and suddenly become more or less attractive, which means you have to be flexible in your process.

To get a true reading on your leads, you need to employ a strategy that gives you a good sense of where the lead is in their inclination to proceed in the buy cycle. Some might call it prepping the sales pipeline – you’re trying to create a funnel through which prospects are easily managed and guided to a positive end. One of the most effective ways to build this pipeline is to integrate telemarketing in the lead scoring process.

Telemarketing is a proactive process that brings the human touch into play. The human touch is vital because too many potential leads are left floundering in a one-dimensional marketing process that doesn’t attempt to gain any information from the lead. For instance, an email or direct mail process is easily ignored, whereas telemarketers actually speak to the lead.

A telemarketer extracts vital data from the lead, which could include information about why they aren’t ready to enter the sales cycle at that moment. Perhaps there is something wrong with the product – this is information that can be used later to improve products and services.

Blue Valley Telemarketing can help you determine the value of each of your leads. In fact, we’ve been around long enough to build up extensive lead lists of our own. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist you.

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