Cross Sell: Creating Impactful Opportunities

Use Telemarketing for More Cross Sell Situations

cross sellThe art of the cross sell: it’s not about convincing a prospect to over spend – it’s about giving them access to products and services they need to improve their standing. While the end result of a cross sell gone right is bigger profits, the side effect is heightened relations with your clients, which results in loyalty and return business. If you’re a marketer looking to improve cross sell opportunities, telemarketing is one of the best ways to get great results.

The best cross selling situations arise from preparation. This requires a little digging into the data – the purchasing history of your clients. What items are most often purchased together? Which items or services are bought immediately after a previous purchase? This is information that you can use in a cross sell situation; information that you can share with your customers without being perceived as pushy and/or greedy. There is a fine line that is easy to cross when cross selling, so make sure you’re being tactful.

It’s more difficult to cross sell when your client purchases a big ticket item, which is why you should be ready to cross sell the most appropriate item or service that costs very little. It’s all about positioning yourself wisely, and again, it takes preparation to get in the right position.

If you’re a cross sell skeptic, consider that back in 2006, Amazon found that as much as 35 percent of their sales came via cross sell strategies. For instance, you’re familiar with the promotion that goes, “customers who bought that item also bought this.” It’s an e-commerce strategy that can carry over to other channels, including telemarketing.

A closely related strategy involves “bundling” items or services to make bigger sales. The research is the same – you dig through your data to find out what clients are purchasing, but you create a bundle that marries like items or services at a slight discount. It’s an incentive to make an all-in-one purchase that they might not otherwise have considered, and it can result in bigger profits and improved customer satisfaction.

While it’s true that consumers today are doing the bulk of the research on items they purchase with online resources, there is value in the human touch. Especially in the B2B cross sell scenario, buyers are keen to interact with people who can have a discussion about what’s on the market, where cost savings can be found and what items or services are the best fit for their specific needs. This doesn’t happen with online transactions, and it certainly doesn’t happen with direct mail or email campaigns. Telemarketing is the best, most proactive means of making a connection with the buyer.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that knows how to interact with your most valued clients. We rely on data to inform our campaigns, and we build scripts that are concise yet impactful. Cross sell opportunities are something we don’t want you to miss out on, and we can help your company maximize its cross sell potential. Contact us today and find out how we will work with you.

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