How Telemarketing Improves Sales Leads

Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Leads

sales leadsDoes every form filled out on your website qualify the person who submitted it as a lead? Even if you’re a marketer new to the industry, you know the answer to this is “no.” Sales leads must be qualified before they can be acted upon and telemarketing is an excellent tool for accomplishing this task.

Some might argue that the definition of a qualified lead differs from one organization to another. In most cases, a qualified lead is determined by criteria – title, industry, budget, responsibility, authority to buy, etc. Connecting with people who have direct authority to make a purchase is important for you so you can hand the sales team a lead with whom they can immediately place into the buy cycle without prolonged approval processes commonly encountered with leads that don’t have the authority.

Gleanster Research, an organization that focuses on business technology, said in a recent report that around 25 percent of leads are qualified and ready to buy. Around 50 percent of leads are qualified but not ready to buy. The remaining 25 percent are false leads and will actually never get into the buy cycle. However, anyone with experience in telemarketing would argue that the remaining 25 percent could offer valuable insights into why they don’t want to enter the buy cycle, thus creating information for the organization as to how they can mold their product or service to attract those people as well.

Telemarketing is an excellent tool for lead nurturing. Experience shows that leads that are nurtured into a sales position actually spend more money than leads that weren’t nurtured into the buy cycle. Furthermore, Forrester Research has found that companies that utilize lead nurturing in their marketing strategies pull in 50 percent more sales ready leads than those who don’t. Due to the human touch that telemarketing provides, the nurturing process becomes a viable option for companies willing to reach out to leads that need a little finessing.

The best marketing strategies involve segmenting. This allows content to be dialed in precisely to the segmented audience and for the content to be distributed through the proper channels. Telemarketing is an excellent resource for helping to reach out to segmented audiences with a script that speaks directly to them. There is no guessing as to how the content will impact them, but only if they’ve been segmented properly. Quality telemarketing agencies will have the data they need and the expertise to build scripts that make a difference.

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