Where do You go to Get Sales Leads and is it the Smartest Place for You?

B2B Companies May be Misallocating Budgeted Dollars for Sales Leads

Every business needs to generate sales leads in order to survive. With the advent of the digitalsales leads landscape, your choices about where to invest your lead generation dollars have expanded exponentially. But has digital eclipsed previous marketing venues in terms of effectiveness for every business? The answer to that question is a resounding “no”. Where you get the best return on investment differs depending upon the size and type of business you own. If you are a B2B company, you owe it to yourself to get the facts about where the smartest sales leads dollars are spent.

Many Options

The options for mining sales leads are broad: direct mail, trade events, email marketing, paid search, social media, traditional media and SEO (search engine optimization). How do you decide where to put your budget dollars? Marketing reports can show you exactly where you are most likely to get the best return on the dollars you invest in lead generation.

No One-Size-Fits-All Answer

Research shows that if you are a B2B enterprise, you’ll get twice as many sales leads from telemarketing compared to B2C companies. As a B2B company your least productive investments are direct mail campaigns and traditional media (print, radio, television) advertising. The bad news is that many B2B firms are misallocating valuable sales lead dollars by a significant margin. So if you are following the industry crowd, you could be losing money in terms of ROI.

As an example: Marketing research shows that a majority of B2B enterprises are allotting 12 percent of their overall lead generation dollars to trade events yet are only generating nine percent of actual leads from there. Another eight percent of B2B mining budgets are spent on paid searches which yield a mere six percent of actual leads. Research data shows that you can do better if only you know where to put your budget.

Telemarketing Trumps Other B2B Options

The fact is that, for larger companies especially, telemarketing will prove to be one of the most fruitful investments you can make in generating sales leads. The numbers reveal that telemarketing is where a significant portion of your sales lead budget should be spent.

Finding the right partner for a telemarketing outreach is paramount. At Blue Valley Telemarketing we have more than two decades’ experience helping national B2B companies in lead generation and lead development. Our U.S.- based call staff is knowledgeable about your business and is prepared to provide professional phone conversations that turn into genuine sales leads. We provide the human touch that puts your B2B efforts ahead of digitally-based outreach. Contact us and see how we can make your sales leads investment a smarter investment.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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