Mistake-Free Marketing Techniques

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B2B Marketing Techniques That Work

As a B2B marketer, you are likely trying to keep up with your buyers, most of whom are well acquainted with the information highway and come into the buy cycle already well-informed. In an effort to put information in front of buyers before they find it through a competitor, most B2B marketers are using content marketing techniques that give them more visibility. However, careful attention to your content marketing strategy is a must to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Going Overboard on Personalizing
While it’s true that you need to focus on personalizing your message to the intended audience, getting too personal can negatively affect your content marketing efforts. The problem occurs when the diverse group of stakeholders has different priorities. That personalized message, probably only makes a statement for one of those stakeholders (as many as five are typically involved in a B2B purchase). The remaining four are going to come away feeling disconnected rather than attracted to your content.

More reliable marketing techniques include reaching out to people in the organization that support building a purchase consensus around a common goal. These are people who can become engaged through your content marketing message and will be motivated to create a consensus among the stakeholders.

2. Trying to be the Expert Too Often
“Thought leadership” is thrown around in the B2B marketing space, and it makes sense with social media content strategies. However, findings by a marketing research company called CEB show that being the thought leader in your niche through content marketing campaigns does not lead to more profits, at least not by itself. Instead, your clients and prospective clients are more impacted when they are taught something new and they are given a reason to change the way they normally think. Effectively nailing both of these goals takes a proactive channel that involves more interpersonal communication.

3. Failing to Recognize Distribution Channels That Work Best
While you work to personalize your content without overdoing it, and as you build content that is thoughtful and provocative, you also need to consider the channels through which your content is distributed. Too many marketers miss the target on this one. Most marketers are in the thick of building out their social media marketing techniques while they continue to use email, and perhaps, direct mail. This multi-channel approach is worth looking into, but you can’t forget the more proactive channels like telemarketing.

Telemarketing involves the human touch, which almost every other channel can’t offer, nor can the other channels put your content in the right hands at the right time. Furthermore, telemarketing can help you build a more accurate database that reveals the people who will be most willing to do business with your organization.

Some organizations continue to believe they lose control of their content when using an outside source, but with Blue Valley Telemarketing, that isn’t the case. You can gain more control with Blue Valley because we understand your business and can deliver the results you need while offering you the control that keeps you comfortably behind the wheel

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