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Finding the best content promotion tools for social media and mobile phones

Your marketing team invested hours to develop an exceptional B2B content marketing strategy.  They dedicated a great deal of time and resources to the development of high-quality, engaging content. The blogs, infographics, and videos are exciting, informative, and designed to build your reputation as a reliable source of expertise in your field. But no matter what format is used or what industry is being targeted, the job is just beginning when content creation is complete.

In addition to producing great content, your goal is to make sure your content connects with your target audience. In order to make that connection, you need to dedicate energy and resources to content promotion. A recent article posted on Forbes discussed the critical role that content promotion plays in a successful content marketing campaign. The article lists six keys for effective content promotion, but there’s one more that you’ll want to include as a strategic way to connect with your audience.

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Six Ways To Promote Your Content

Here are the six ways that are important to engage in content promotion, and then you’ll learn about the key promotion strategy that is missing from this list to make your campaign successful:

1 ) Promotion through Social Media

The first step is to publish your content on your social media pages. Invite your online contacts to visit your website to view your blog or white paper and invite them to share it and add their thoughts in the comments. As you receive comments or likes, be sure to engage with your audience in an effort to move them along in the engagement process toward becoming a buyer. For instance, don’t leave a comment hanging; it’s a great opportunity to build a relationship and trust.

Once you’ve posted your content on social media, don’t forget about it. Look for opportunities in an online conversation where it may naturally fit to mention it. You can also post it again periodically so that new eyes are exposed to it.

2 ) Promotion with Influencers

Influencers are those that are already well-known in your industry. These experts are a great resource for B2B marketing because they already have a well-established reputation. Find ways to engage them in conversation and build a relationship so that you can learn from them and eventually collaborate with them. They may offer to link one of your content pieces in their materials or you might use a quote from them in a blog or infographic.

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3 ) Guest Post Promotion

As you make connections with others in your field, you can find ways to promote your material through them. You can publish your content on their website as a guest post, or they may mention your content and link it into their own material. This is a great way to form connections with other companies that share similar values or marketing goals. You can trade guest posting privileges and help one another build a following.

4 ) Promote Through Interlinking

One simple step you can take is to interlink your post on your own site so that it’s connected to core content. This gives introductory visitors to your site a quick journey to your top posts without having to click several times or go looking for it. This step also has another benefit: Google will assume that the more users click on a link, the more authoritative it is, so it will multiply your accessibility.

5 ) Email Promotion

Make sure you never publish a new piece of content without sending out an email blast to your contact list. Don’t forget to include a short introduction, giving them a compelling reason or two to click on the link to your published piece. Email promotion is a great way to get the word out about your content, but it’s also easily measurable. You can learn what words, phrases, and calls to action lead your audience to click through to your content through analytic tools.

 6 ) Promoting Through Paid Advertisements

This probably should not be the first strategy you try, because it’s much more expensive than the time you can spend on social media or on an email newsletter. If you have more to spend in your marketing budget, though, you might consider some carefully placed paid advertisements.

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Man working at a white desk with Apple Mac Pro and Apple white wireless keyboard
Man working at a white desk with Apple Mac Pro and Apple white wireless keyboard

Use Content Promotion Tools for the Best Results

Don’t think of content promotion as a one-time deal. It can be challenging for many businesses with content to keep up with those promotional demands. About 70 million blogs and posts go live every month on WordPress. That is a lot of potential consumers for your content. As you can imagine, readers are overwhelmed with all of this material. While writing and publishing great content is a start, you need the right content promotion tools to reach a broader audience. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools to promote your content and boost those marketing efforts. 

Email List Promotional Tools

After you publish your content, you want to notify your email list. Many clients have signed up for your newsletter or blog due to the excellent content. For that reason, they need to know when you published a new blog. Great content needs to be shared. Some of the best content promotional tools for email include:


Mailchimp is an excellent solution for those smaller businesses. Whether you have a small list or want to build your subscribers, these tools can help with that. Mailchimp allows you to segment subscribers into specific groups, so there is no need to email blast everyone on the list. You can even send emails to subscribers according to their own timezone, reducing the chances of ignored emails. Plus, Mailchimp allows you to create stunning email newsletters with their exclusive templates. For many content creators, Mailchimp is their top choice.  


Mailmunch is an excellent tool for email marketing and lead generation. Try out their HTML email templates if you want to grow your email marketing revenue. You can create sign-up forms, embed forms, and exit popups. There is a broad range of forms that cater to different industries; all you have to do is pick the right one for your needs. You can find and boost those valuable leads with Mailmunch’s lead nurturing sequence. 


Once your email list starts to grow, you have to segment your contacts. With that, you can save time by sending out emails based on the behavior of your potential customers. ActiveCampaign comes with many advanced automation features. All of these features can help promote your content throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Not only that, but this content promotion tool provides exceptional customer service, and you have the opportunity to use their templates to build beautiful email newsletters. 


Think about using HubSpot for content promotion if you want an all-in-one marketing tool. With this tool, you can scale your content promotion activities for all of your marketing campaigns, including inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot does have a live chat feature where you speak to website visitors and answer any questions. You can track leads’ behavior with HubSpot’s own CRM.

Social Media Promotion Tools

About 78% of Facebook users rely on the platform to look for new services and products. You need content promotion tools to reach that audience on Facebook and other platforms. Here are some of the best tools you can use to boost content visibility on those social media channels. 


This social media management platform helps you promote content on several different channels. You can monitor the content of your social media channels in one place. Hootsuite allows you to have control of your marketing with useful reports sent via email. With that, you know how well your content performs on each platform. 

Sprout Social

If you want a simple way to manage your content promotions, use Sprout Social. This user-friendly interface is easy to set up, and you can track your content activities. In addition to that, this platform provides you with the best times to post so that you improve engagement. 


Buffer is another popular social media tool where you can schedule to publish content with a calendar. You can even schedule content publishing a week in advance in many cases. This option is an excellent tool for those who want to stay on top of their content promotion. Buffer also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to schedule all of those social media posts. You can even integrate with other tools to promote your content. Buffer provides you with reports on how your social media efforts are paying off.

Content Syndication Tools

You have seen the words “you may like,” “sponsored content,” or “popular content from around the web.” Those are examples of content syndication. These tools republish content to a larger audience to increase your content’s reach. You should add this to your content promotional tools if you want more blog traffic. 


Taboola is one of the largest content syndication platforms, and it is perfect for scaling your content promotion efforts. With that, you have a larger distribution network to promote your content, including Bloomberg, CBS, Fox News, and HuffPost. You can make sure your blog post gets more traffic and engagement with this tool. Taboola filters out any spammy sites as well. You will have a monthly report emailed to you so that you know whether your efforts are paying off. 


Adblade is one of the biggest competitors to Taboola. With this tool, you can narrow down your target audience’s locations to send only relevant content to our subscribers. You also get an informative report detailing your engagement on costs per impression, click-through rates, and cost per click. 

These content promotion tools can help you manage your content on the internet. You can create great content, but that doesn’t matter if no one can find or see it. Content marketing can be a challenge for many businesses and organizations. It takes time and effort to shine in a crowded content field.

While these tools and strategies are helpful, you need a robust plan for your business. Even the best tools only tell half of the story when promoting your content. There is a way to tie together all of these tools and make your content stand out from the crowd. 

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Male entrepreneur telemarketer sitting in office putting on headset
Male entrepreneur telemarketer sitting in the office putting on a headset

The Seventh Promotion Tool You Don’t Want to Forget

While the Forbes article discusses a variety of highly effective tools for content promotion, these strategies alone lack balance.  Relying on digital marketing only is a passive approach to promoting your content.  We strongly recommend that you integrate a more proactive element into your content marketing distribution mix.  The first six suggestions alone put too much of the conversation on the side of the marketer and allow little opportunity for actual interactions with the target audience.

In order to succeed in content promotion, you need a promotion and distribution tool that enables immediate feedback from potential buyers.  Furthermore, you need a tool that enables you to gather information in real-time about decision-makers, business needs, budgets, and action plans.  This tool is telemarketing.

Telemarketing for the Assist

Any single content promotion tool has its benefits and drawbacks. When you combine content promotion tools, you optimize each of them and diminish their drawbacks. For instance, any time you send out an email newsletter, you have the benefit of sending it to many people at once, but you are at the mercy of your audience to see if the conversation will continue.

When you add in the content promotion capabilities of telemarketing, however, you gain the benefit of a live conversation. The natural give-and-take of the interaction allows for immediate feedback about the usefulness of your content, their preferred format for content, and where they are in the buying cycle.

The Human Touch

One of the key benefits of including telemarketing in your content promotion efforts is the ability to form a connection. In a one-on-one conversation, you can communicate your brand message in a highly personalized way. After all, every time you are engaged in B2B marketing objectives, it’s important to remember that it’s really all about two humans having a conversation and connecting.

Telemarketing accesses this human connection in ways that other promotion vehicles cannot. When you have a conversation with a potential buyer, you can read the tone in their voice and listen for potential reservations, leading you to ask more questions and get a better understanding of the customer.

No other content promotion tool provides the personal connection, the human touch, that comes with telemarketing. Imagine that you have posted a blog on your social media page and it goes unnoticed by much of your target audience. You are disappointed about the response, but you have little information about why it didn’t get much attention. Was it the accompanying image that your audience disliked, or maybe you posted at the wrong time of day? It’s hard to imagine that your target audience might start posting comments like, “No, thanks. I prefer infographics.”

However, this type of information is exactly what you need to refine your content promotion strategies. Remember, no matter how great your content is, if nobody reads it, it’s as if it didn’t exist at all and you’ve wasted your efforts.

Telemarketing provides priceless feedback about your content, from the content itself to preferred formats and distribution methods. Your potential buyers, while they may not post such information on a social media site, will tell you in a phone call if they prefer infographics or if the early evening is a terrible time for them to read the content.

Final Word on Content Promotional Tools

While any great marketing plan includes a content promotion strategy, make sure yours combines the power of multiple tools to make the biggest impact possible. By including telemarketing, you benefit from the immediate feedback and the building of a relationship that occurs in a phone conversation.

For more information about how telemarketing makes a difference in content promotion, make an appointment with Blue Valley Marketing. We look forward to talking with you about your specific business challenges and how telemarketing can promote your content.

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