Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Is One Better Than the Other?

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

inbound vs outbound

Settling the Score on Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Proponents of inbound marketing often state that outbound marketing is disruptive, interruptive and non-permissive. However, what these inbound marketing supporters fail to see is that more than half of marketers see outbound as their number one source of acquiring leads. The inbound vs. outbound marketing debate will likely continue, but we offer a few reasons why the two methods, working in concert, can be an effective strategy for B2B marketing.

The Content Marketing Institute found that even in the B2B space, there is a dramatic increase in the number of companies relying on content to gain more leads, put more clients in the buy cycle and create a culture of quality. However, the question remains – how can the inbound vs. outbound marketing debate be settled? The answer begins with looking at the end goal – informing the client with content that leads to them being a satisfied customer.

When a customer isn’t educated on what you’re selling, they’re either going to walk away from something that could potentially make their organization more successful, or they may make a purchase that is not a good match for them. When inbound and outbound efforts are taken on with consistency you can more fully inform your audience.

You need to consider the right combination of each marketing method. For instance, if your inbound marketing techniques are hitting the target through well-optimized home pages (or landing pages), and if you’re putting out the most practical educational content resources, you can shore up the effort with outbound techniques, such as using print advertising and/or offline events.

Unfortunately, when it comes to settling the inbound vs. outbound marketing debate, there isn’t an easy answer. However, one thing that will always ring true is your method of delivering content. Some marketers are better than others at creating high quality content. However, that doesn’t put them ahead of anyone if they aren’t choosing the right channels to distribute that information.

You might remain true to your inbound techniques, as most marketers will, but you must also consider outbound techniques, including telemarketing, for the best return on investment. Telemarketing in the B2B arena, is a golden opportunity to make real connections with potential clients.

Utilizing a proactive channel that offers the human touch can dramatically improve the rate at which you build out a more complete lead list. It will also lead to more clients entering the buy cycle and returning, due in part to the excellent service they receive through the communicators working at your third party telemarketing company. Blue Valley Marketing is offering clients an excellent return on investment today, assisting them in using inbound and outbound techniques that make a difference. Contact us today and get more information about how you can improve your inbound vs. outbound position.

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