Making Informed Decisions With B2B Telemarketing

Whatever the new B2B marketing trend, telemarketing continutes to hold its own as a trusted traditional tool.

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Life is moving faster than ever. When it comes to the tools you use for marketing your business, the trends can fly by at such a pace that by the time you choose a particular route, it’s already passé. In this article, you’ll find out how B2B telemarketing can help you make better decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars.

In a recent article by Tom Goodwin, he explores the pace of trends and media in 2017 and their unprecedented pace. The article addresses three specific areas that are shifting:

The speed of change: One of the notable elements of the current media environment is simply the rate of how quickly things progress. At times ideas and new processes hardly have time to be “a thing” before they are considered old. Trends don’t last for years or at times even months. Instead, some are lucky to stick around for a few weeks.

Companies feel pressured to make quick decisions in order not to “lose” an opportunity.  There’s no opportunity anymore for companies to sit and wait to see if a trend is going to catch on for a more permanent stay before they invest in it. A new trend doesn’t have time to spread or saturate the market before it’s already considered over.

Unpredictability: Whether it’s Donald Trump’s win in the election or the passage of Brexit, things may feel a little unpredictable. Whatever you thought could not be possible is turning out to be pretty likely to happen. Technology like drones and self-driving cars also drive the sense that what was previously thought to be extremely unlikely is becoming a reality.

The constant feed of information: Never before has there been such a fast and furious feed of news. You can easily get overstimulated simply watching 10 minutes of CNN, with the commentators surrounded by additional newsfeeds. With Facebook and Twitter, you can scan the thoughts and activities of clients, prospects, co-workers, competitors and even friends and acquaintances without approaching depth in any particular subject.

Likewise, because you are so inundated with news media, you tend to quickly scroll through the first few lines of a news story before moving on to something else. Your experiences with the news tend to be shallow, and your interactions with your contacts on social media may be shallow, too.

Goodwin says that these influences on the business culture are making it more difficult to make decisions. Marketers report that at times they feel paralyzed by the flood of quick-to-die trends, a flurry of data and a shallow understanding of their target market. B2B marketers want to base their decisions on the objective power of Big Data, but he says that it’s likely more effective to take a step back.  Some good decisions are made not from data or trends but from instinct.

How B2B Telemarketing Informs Smart, Trend-Proof Decision-Making

Like Goodwin points out, good marketing is often about more than data, more than the latest trends. It’s about instinct and about people. Including B2B telemarketing in your marketing plans helps you get outside of the trend race and the data flood, and make clear decisions about your content marketing plan. Here’s how:

You talk to people, and hear what’s important to them. When it comes down to it, B2B interactions are still just one person talking with another to make the best decisions for their company. B2B telemarketing puts the human touch back into your decisions about how to do your marketing. You hear what problems your potential buyers are facing, the obstacles to their decision-making process and the types of content they like to consume.

You find out if the data is supported by reality. A recent article tells you that in order to get a good return on your marketing investment, you have to think in terms of creating viral videos. While this may be true, you’ll get more benefit out of talking with your potential buyers through B2B telemarketing as you decide a direction for your content marketing plan.

Your contacts might tell you that they appreciate a good video, but what they really like is to dig into an in-depth white paper that gives specific solutions for an issue. If sixty percent of your calls say that they prefer receiving content through emails, you should definitely include that information in your decision-making.

You generate qualified leads. Through telemarketing you can reach out to decision- makers directly and have a conversation. In the B2B landscape, these connections are vital to build a relationship with the buyer and understand where they are in the buy cycle. Building relationships with the buyer will always be central to understanding their needs and where they are at in the purchasing cycle.

In other words, stop chasing trends and using shallow marketing. Instead, rely on a proven way to find out what your potential buyers value.

To find out more about how B2B telemarketing helps you make clear marketing decisions, get in touch with Blue Valley Telemarketing. We regularly work with companies like yours to help them distinguish between fads and tried-and-true marketing tools. Give us a call today!

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