Lead Generation Stats: How Organizations Are Building up Business

A top business software solution company, Capterra released the results of its marketing survey earlierMarketing 1 this year, and it reveals some interesting facts on lead generation. According to the survey, search engine optimization is something software marketers care most about, but directly after that is lead generation.

Keeping up on lead generation strategies is vital to keeping business flowing. The landscape always evolves, which can make the process daunting. However, with a focus on improvement and optimization, companies can keep their lead generation strategies moving in the right direction.

In order for companies to see real gains from their lead generation process, they need high quality leads. A list full of poor leads can be more costly to a company than a handful of really high-quality leads. High quality leads produce a higher conversion rate, which means you’ll be spending less time on leads that have no interest in what you’re selling.

According to a B2B Technology Marketing Community survey, around 61 percent of marketers are focused on high-quality leads. MarketProfs says inside sales, executive events, conferences, tradeshows and telemarketing are the most popular tactics for generating B2B leads.

Customer relationship management software continues to be useful to companies. According to Direct Marketing News, 84 percent of companies with CRM use it to help them figure out the quality of their leads.

Social media is a place where a growing number of organizations are going for lead generation despite the fact that it takes a focused effort to gain traction. B2B marketers are consistently finding leads through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They’re also using their own websites for blogging, which creates nearly 70 percent more leads than companies that don’t blog. These blogs are a great place to focus content marketing, which more than 70 percent of marketers are doing today.

Going back to the most effective B2B lead generation methods, telemarketing has remained near the top despite decades of technological advances. Telemarketing has actually benefited from these advancements, as there are tools telemarketers use to their advantage. These tools actually reduce the costs associated with telemarketing.

Using a multi-pronged approach to generating leads is important, but finding a telemarketer that can bring you a well-trained staff and the latest technology is important as well. You need a telemarketer that can assist you in new business development through quality control assurance, marketing research, lead nurturing and lead enhancement services.

Some organizations have tried and failed in their attempts with an in-house telemarketing service. There are too many costs associated with the space, hiring agents, bringing in the hardware and software, which also needs constant maintenance. There is also very little flexibility in the scalability of an in-house telemarketing program. Some campaigns will require more agents than you have space for, while others will be too small.

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