Strategic Marketing Includes Telemarketing

Marketing Strategy 5The customer-centric approach has touched just about every industry and companies are pulling together as much data as they can to figure out how to please customers and to keep them coming back. Data can be gathered just about anywhere, but the most solid method of gaining a strategic marketing advantage is to use telemarketing.

To really give this idea a chance, you might have to restructure your view of telemarketing, especially if you only know telemarketing as a sales tool. Not every call made in telemarketing needs to result in something being sold. What makes this channel unique is the person-to-person communication that takes place. Reams of data can be gained from these conversations, all of which you can apply to your strategic marketing campaign.

How can telemarketing really boost your strategy? Start with your pitches. Use the A/B test pitch to see which ideas get the best results. Leave the guesswork behind and drill down on what will actually push your campaign to better results. This takes some time, both in developing the pitch and in determining which is most successful, but it’s worth the effort.

Segmenting your audience and using different value propositions can also be a helpful strategy with telemarketing efforts.

You’re going to find rejection more often than not, which is very important to remember because with each rejection you can ask your target what led to that decision and pass that information along to the appropriate parties. The pitch suddenly becomes a survey where you begin to gather data on how to improve. Next time, that rejection might turn into a solid lead and prospective customer.

Your prospects are going to go elsewhere for their business at some point. You probably aren’t going to corner the market, but you can certainly try with telemarketing. Find out where they’re going in your telemarketing campaign and ask why they’re going to your competitors. Again, this is more data gathering strategy that will lead to fact-based decisions later.

Is what you’re offering no longer relevant to your target audience? You might have an excellent product that has sold well for years, but suddenly sales drop off. Through telemarketing, you can determine what it is about your formerly great product that nobody seems to care about anymore.

Steve Jobs is quoted as saying customers don’t know what they want until Apple supplies it. That might have been true for Apple, but very few companies can make such bold statements. You need to find out what your audience needs, what they want and when they want it and deliver on those requirements. How are you going to do that if you don’t connect with them? Telemarketing is the tool that can lead you to these answers.

Not just any telemarketer will do. Make sure to do your research and find a reputable telemarketer that helps you with your strategic marketing plan.

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